How to Use Deflect Mechanic in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Antara B
Antara B

Action RPGs always make players excited and curious about the gameplay. Generally, the stories of these games are excellent; more than that, the enemies attract the players’ attention. So, the game must have strategies and features that help players defeat enemies. Deflect is such a feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If you are willing to play the game but not sure how to use the Deflect feature, this guide will help you with details.

Deflect Feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty- How to Use?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has not yet been released. Currently, the game’s demo version is running, and fans have jumped into the game to explore everything. If you have progressed a little through the story and faced a few enemies, you have heard about the Deflect feature. This feature is not similar to blocking attacks. It is much better than that. However, these two mechanics are bound to different buttons, giving players the option to choose what they are more comfortable with.

If you have been playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you have probably noticed that each weapon in the game has Deflect Stat. These stats determine the amount of Spirit Gauge the weapon consumes when you press the Deflect button. While some weapons consume more Spirit Gauge, others consume a little less. Now, the catch is, if the Deflect you perform with a specific weapon is successful, you will get back the Spirit Gauge; but if the timing is wrong and your deflect is failed, you’ll lose the Spirit Gauge and take damage from the enemy attack.

Deflect Feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty- How to Use

The Spirit Gauge bar has two sides, if you have noticed- the Blue Side denotes how much you earn from performing a successful Deflect, and the red side denotes the amount your weapon takes to perform the Deflect. Try to make a balance; if the red side increases, players will become vulnerable to damage.

Performing a perfect deflect is tricky, but if your time is not perfect, you’ll get damage from the enemy attack. So make sure you are sure about the timing of performing Deflect. Before you learn this feature well, don’t try to use it on challenging enemies, or you will get killed. Deflecting an attack not only turns back the attack but also deflecting two consecutive Perilous attacks (enemies turn glowing red before launching these attacks), stun the enemy for a moment, allowing you to deal damage to them.

That’s all you need to know about how to use the Deflect feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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