How To Defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Antara B
Antara B

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an upcoming action roleplaying game that will be released within a few hours. A demo version of the game is already available on Steam, and players have jumped into it. If you have played action RPGs before, you are aware that these games have several enemies to defeat, and Zhuyan is among those enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Though he is one of the earliest enemies to encounter, he will give a hard time beating him. This guide will help players know how to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Beating Process- How to Do?

Action, role-playing games without powerful bosses can’t be possible. These challenging bosses are the main attraction of these games, and defeating these bosses will open up the path to progress. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is no exception. This game also has bosses and mini-bosses available from the beginning, and Zhuyan is one of the mini-bosses in the game.

If you are fighting Zhuyan, you are already aware that he is the first boss to defeat. But don’t take him lightly because he’s the first mini-boss you encounter. This giant ape can give even experienced players a hard time defeating it. This boss attacks frequently and deals massive damage if the hit lands properly.

During this fight, you will find Zhao Yun as your companion. But this boss is powerful enough that even two of you will get a hard time defeating it. It will be easier to defeat the enemy if your rank is higher than his. Zhuyan will be about the rank 10 enemy, so try to be on a higher rank. For that, explore all the previous areas thoroughly. If your rank is below the enemies, it will be a tough fight.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Beating Process- How to Do

Fortunately, Zhuyan has a fixed set of attacks, and players need to dodge these attacks. The first and most frequent attack the enemy uses is the two horizontal swipes followed by a vertical slam attack. Sometimes the boss uses the Shockwave attack. Sometimes deflecting the boss’ attacks will stun the boss. When the boss turns red before attacking you, deflect these attacks, and the boss will stun for a moment. For example, the boss sometimes uses a double-footed attack, and deflecting it will stun the enemy. Once the boss is stunned, you will get a chance to deal damage to the boss. However, keep watching the boss’ speed and attacks so that you can dodge and deflect most of his attacks.

The boss will keep on attacking you, so ensure you keep on moving and attacking the boss. Staying at a place won’t help you. But it will make it easier for the boss to attack you. Keep moving and hitting the boss from the beginning. Though the fight takes some time, if you become patient, you will win the fight.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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