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How to Use Care Packages in Modern Warfare 2

In Modern Warfare 2’s versatile gameplay, you can now call in a care package when you are in need. These care packages will be delivered by helicopter and will contain items like ammo and weapons which you can use during the match. To use care packages, you need to unlock them first. The only way you can do that is by completing certain objectives. In this guide, we will see how to get and use care packages in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Use Care Packages in Modern Warfare 2

Care Packages have been around in the earlier Call of Duty games as well. Here we will see how to get and use Care Packages in Modern Warfare 2.

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To use the Care Package option, you need to unlock it first. There are two ways to go about it, with one being easier than the other. You can either get 5 killstreaks or earn 625 scorestreak points. Both tasks require you to not die, or else you will lose your progress. You can select whichever way you wish to do this, and once you meet the objective, you can unlock the Care Package option.

Now that you have the Care Package option unlocked, you can use it by equipping it from the Killstreaks menu. You can find this in the Weapons tab of the main menu in-game. Once you are in the Killstreaks option, select and equip the Care Package killstreak perk.

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There are some things you have to keep in mind while trying to call in a Care Package. The package delivery will be easily noticeable by enemies since it will drop from an OH-6 “Little Bird” helicopter. This can make it an easy target, making the package fall into enemy hands. If the carrier is destroyed outside the map, then no one can get the package. Calling on the Care Package is quite a gamble, so you should use it only when you are in dire need of it.

That’s all there is to know about using a Care Package in Modern Warfare 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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