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How to Unlock the Gold MCPR 300 in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock the Gold MCPR 300 in Modern Warfare 2

If you have been playing Modern Warfare 2 since the beginning, you have probably seen players with gold weapons. Since Modern Warfare 2 has come, players are excited about the Camo Challenges, and these Camo Challenges are the only way to unlock a Golden Skin or Platinum Skin for your weapons. So, if you are curious to unlock Gold MCPR 300 in Modern Warfare 2, this guide will help you with the process.

Gold Camo for MCPR 300 in Modern Warfare 2- How to Unlock?

Generally, all the COD games feature customization regarding weapon skins and operators. However, Modern Warfare 2 has heightened the customization and added many new customization options like tuning weapons, changing name tag colors, etc. If you have been playing the game, you have probably understood that besides completing the Gold Camo Challenges, there is no other way to unlock Gold Weapons Skins.

Sniper Rifles are already one of the most popular weapon classes in COD, and MCPR 300 has become one of the best Sniper Rifles because of its effectiveness during combats. Therefore, it is natural that players want to have the Gold Camo for MCPR 300.

Gold Camo for every weapon should be unlocked individually for completing challenges. To get the Camo Challenges, players need to unlock and use the weapon, so it levels up. Camo Challenges automatically unlock at certain levels; this rule is the same for MCPR-300. As you level this sniper rifle up, you’ll get the following Camo Challenges-

  1. Get 50 Kills with MCPR 300
  2. Get 2 Kills within 10 Seconds with MCPR 300
  3. Get 30 Kills with MCPR 300 while Prone
  4. Get 10 Hip-fire Kills with MCPR 300.

These above challenges clearly show that for some time, you have to make MCPR 300 your primary focus and play with it. The first two challenges are easy and can be completed in Invasion mode. Invasion mode is also one of the best ways to farm XP and level up weapons. However, when it comes to the last two challenges, we suggest changing the mode to Domination. Play simply as you do and use Dolphin Dives when needed. For the Hip-fire kills, you have to get no-scope close-range kills with the sniper rifle. These tasks actually test your skills as a sniper.

Once you have completed all the quests mentioned above, you’ll get the final Golden Camo Challenge- Get 3 Kills with MCPR-300 undying, 10 times. After you complete this challenge, you’ll get the Golden Camo Unlocked for MCPR 300.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking Gold MCPR 300 in Modern Warfare 2. Gold Camo won’t give you additional advantages during your matches. It can only show the time you spend in Modern Warfare 2.

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