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How to Unlock Gold RAAL MG in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock Gold RAAL MG in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter whose gameplay revolves around frenzied gunfights against enemies. The player controls an American soldier who has the ability to perform several actions, including jumping, sprinting, ducking low, or even laying flat on the ground. They are armed with weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, or sniper rifles. The game provides you with different kinds of guns at different parts in levels, but you can also swap out your weapon for one found elsewhere.

In Modern Warfare 2, achieving specific criteria unlocks different camo for weapons. Certain kills with a particular weapon will unlock gold, platinum, or Orion camo. Let’s see how to unlock gold RAAL MG in this guide.

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How to Unlock Gold RAAL MG?

The RAAL MG is a Light Machine Gun weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and to unlock it, you must reach level 25 in your military rank. To find the best loadout for RAAL MG, check our guide- Best Attachment Loadout for RAAL MG in Modern Warfare 2. Using this loadout for the RAAL MG, players will become like stationary machine guns on the field.

Modern Warfare 2 requires you to reach a certain level with the RAAL MG before unlocking challenges for it, allowing you to unlock its gold-camo skin. Completing these challenges unlocks the ability to equip this new camo onto your light machine gun, giving it an extra layer of protection and making it stand out from the crowd. There are four base camo options for guns with attachments.


Here are the challenges you need to complete to unlock RAAL MG gold camo:

  • Rocky Desert Base Camo at Level 2: Get 50 Kills with RAAL MG
  • Trailblazer Base Camo at Level 10: Get 15 Kills from behind with RAAL MG
  • Night Terror Base Camo at Level 19: Get 20 Kills while mounted with RAAL MG
  • Lodge Base Camo at Level 27: Get 10 Hip-fire Kills with RAAL MG

Now to unlock the Gold Camo for RAAL MG, you will have to achieve 3 kills without dying, 10 times. 

RAAL MG’s loadout excels on medium-sized maps with sectors to capture, such as Domination, Hardpoint and Ground War. The ADS speed, recoil control, and accuracy are greatly improved by attachments without greatly affecting its other stats. It is worth grinding out levels just to equip these attachments onto your loadout since they make a huge difference compared to other attachment combinations.

This is how we unlock the gold RAAL MG in Modern Warfare 2. Keep reading our other guides on the game so that you don’t get stuck anywhere while unlocking your favorite weapons. 

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