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How To Unlock Gold EBR-14 in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock Gold EBR-14 in Modern Warfare 2

Since its release, Modern Warfare 2 has attracted players’ attention with various challenges and customization options. Among them, the Camo challenges are the most exciting parts that make players spend lots of time playing the game. There are four Mastery Camos that players can unlock, and Gold Camo is the first among them. If you have seen players showing off their Gold Weapons, that’s because they have unlocked the Gold Camo for that weapon. This guide will help you know how to unlock Gold Camo for EBR-14 in Modern Warfare 2.

Gold Camo for EBR-14 in Modern Warfare 2- How to Unlock?

EBR-14 is a Marksman Rifle, and CoD players agree that this weapon category was never famous in the series. However, every CoD game features a few Marksman Rifle. Modern Warfare 2, surprisingly, made the Marksman Rifles powerful weapons to use in the game, and players are now more interested to play with the Marksman Rifles. EBR-14 is one of the most potent Marksman Rifles in the game; therefore, it is natural that players may want to get Gold Camo for it.

If you have been playing the game, you probably know that except for completing the Camo Challenges, there’s nothing else you can do to unlock Gold Camo for your weapons, and Gold Camo needs to be unlocked individually for each weapon. So if you are curious about getting Gold Camo for EBR-14, you must unlock and level up the weapon to get the Base Camo Challenges. The Camo Challenges for EBR-14 are as follows-

  • Get 50 kills with EBR-14
  • Get 30 Kills with EBR-14 while Crouched.
  • Get 20 Kills with EBR-14 while Mounted
  • Get 10 Double kills with EBR-14

These are the four Base Camo Challenges you to need to complete. These challenges clearly show that you have to play with EBR-14 for some time. None of these challenges are too tough to complete. Instead, you may find them easy if you have already completed them with other weapons.

Once you have completed these four challenges, you’ll finally get the Gold Camo Challenge for EBR-14- Get 3 Kills Undying, 10 times. After this challenge, you’ll get Gold Camo as a reward for EBR-14.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Gold Camo for EBR-14 in Modern Warfare 2. Gold Camo is only a cosmetic item that has no use except for giving your weapon a golden look. However, it will show how much you play Modern Warfare 2, as you need to grind a lot to unlock Camo.

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