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How to Unlock All Rinwell Titles in Tales of Arise

How to Unlock All Rinwell Titles in Tales of Arise

Certain titles in Tales of Arise unlock as each character progresses through the story, but to unlock some titles you need to fulfill specific requirements. The skills you can unlock after the titles are unlocked make it worth it to pursue fulfilling the specific requirements. Each character in the game has a range of titles they can unlock. Rinwell in particular has a range of titles she can unlock. Keep reading and we will show you how to unlock all Rinwell titles in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise – How to Unlock All Rinwell Titles

Here are all the Rinwell titles you unlock naturally as you progress through the story as well as those that require special attention.

Titles Unlocked Via Story Quests

  • Dahnan Mage & Silver Sword – Both these titles are unlocked while pursuing Zephyr
  • Retired Avenger – Unlocked after the quest The Witch’s Keep

Titles with Specific Requirements

  • Birdie Bestie – Complete sub-quests to unlock.
  • Item Scholar – You need to collect 15% of items in the game.
  • Feathered Friend – Find 31 owls to unlock.
  • Item Professor – Unlocked after you have collected 50% of items.
  • Spell Canceller – Stop enemy Artes 6 times using boost attack.
  • Bibliophile – Unlocked via sub-quest.
  • Unbeatable Mage – Complete the Novice Solo Training Grounds
  • Sugar Connoisseur – Unlocked when you cook ice cream with the character.

So, these are all the titles in Tales of Arise that Rinwell can unlock.

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