How to Turn Off Nudity in Rust | Guide to Censor Nudity

How to Turn Off Nudity in Rust

At the time of writing this post, there are over 100 thousand online players on Rust as per Steam. The sudden surge in players is part due to the new December update and the other part due to OTV streaming it on Twitch. The new update brings a lot of new things. But, new players who are jumping to play the game are wondering if there is an option to censor nudity in the new Rust. As the game gains popularity, you may want to share your gameplay with others and nudity in the game may not appeal to your audience. As such, if you are wondering how to turn off nudity in rust, then, stick with this nudity censor guide for Rust and we will show you.

How to Turn Off Nudity in Rust | Guide to Censor Nudity

If you are a new players who’s just bought the game and are going through character customization, nudity is the first thing that will surprise you. You are asked to choose the gender of the character and both characters can be viewed completely nude. If you wish to avoid the nudity in the game, that should be your first priority. Fortunately, Rust does provide you the option to censor nudity and it’s pretty easy to find.

Launch the game and press F2 that will bring a new interface of settings overlay. Look in the menu and you should be able to locate the ‘Censor Nudity’ option. Toggle the option ‘On’ and you are good to go. So, that’s how you turn off nakedness in Rust.

How to Un-Censor or Re-Enable Nudity in Rust

If you have not enabled the censor, there is nothing you need to do. The nudity element of the game is there by default until you choose to disable it. However, if you have disabled it and wondering how to remove the nudity censor, it’s quite simple.

Launch Rust and again press the F2 key to launch the settings Overlay, go find the option ‘Censor Nudity’ and set the option as ‘Off’.

That’s all we have in this guide. Rust is an amazing game whether you choose to play it with or without nudity. This is probably the best time to play the game as it’s gaming hype around the world. You can check our other guides for any errors or bugs you encounter in the game.   

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