How to Transfer the Demo Save File to One Piece Odyssey Main Game

 How to Transfer the Demo Save File to One Piece Odyssey Main Game

One piece Odyssey is a new JRPG released by Bandai Namco. The game was fully released on January 13th and its demo was released on January 10th.

Bandai Namco’s One Piece Odyssey demo was available for PS4, PS5 and  Xbox series X/S. The size of the demo on PS5 was around 8 GB. 

It was mentioned that the save file in the demo can be transferred to the main game. There is no need to manually transfer files from the demo to the full game but there are certain things players need to keep in mind. Here is how you can transfer your demo save File to the full game. 

How to transfer the One Piece Odyssey demo save the file to the main game?

The saving system in One piece Odyssey is a little different as the player needs to reach a specific point in the game to save. There is no manual save option and this was the case in the demo as well. 

When players complete the demo, the game will auto-save but before that, there is no way players can save their progress.

After players complete the demo, they will get a “thank you” note from the devs for playing the demo and the game will auto-save at this point. 

The player must complete the demo and get the thank you note otherwise the game will not be saved and the player won’t be able to start after the demo in the full game.

One Piece Odyssey was fully released on January 13th. Players who played the demo can start from where they left the demo. 

When you open the full version of the game there will be an automatic prompt that there is a saved file and if players want they can start from that point.

This is an automatic process but players need to keep a few things in mind to get the prompt.

  1. The version and region of the demo and full game must be the same.
  2. The game is 100% installed otherwise it might not recognise the demo save file.

If players keep those 2 things in mind, they will not face any difficulties starting the game after the demo. 

If players are still not able to load the save file from the demo, they need to recheck that they bought the same region of the full game as the demo. If the demo is from the UK region but the full game is from the US region, the game is not going to recognise your demo save File.

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