How to Solve the Musical Note Robot Puzzle in Planet of Lana

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Planet of Lana is an adventure puzzle game where players need to solve puzzles from the beginning of the game and progress through the story. Sometimes puzzles are easy and enjoyable, while other times, they seem complicated and challenging. If you have been playing the game and get stuck while solving the Musical Nore Robot Puzzle, This guide will help you with the proper steps.

Guide to Solve the Musical Note Puzzle in The Oasis Chapter- How to Do?

As you progress through Planet of Lana, new locations and puzzles will unfold. You must be careful while solving these puzzles as clues are scattered around the puzzle, and if you miss them, you will have to waste lots of your time to solve them. As you progress through Chapter 11, you will eventually meet Rakuen, who will take you to the location where he is doing his experiments. He is trying to figure out a tone to make the robots friendly and requires your help to make the correct tune.

If you have reached this far in the game, you are already familiar with the tones that generally control the robots. In his experiment location, you will see five screens that will show the final tune you make. Now, follow the below steps for further information-

  1. Look at the board on the left side of these screens. There’s a tune on it- “•|• |•| |•• •|• •||.”
  2. Look properly, and you will see another note below- “••|.” This is the clue that players must remember and use to make the new tune.
  3. Go to the next board, and there is another new tune listed- ” ||•.”
  4. Once you have all the new notes, return to the machine to put the new notes and make the new tune.
  5. The first note is the same as before. Put the new note (||•) to replace the second and the third notes.
  6. The fourth note is also the same as before, but put another new note (••|) and replace the fifth note.
  7. The final tune you get by putting all the new notes in place is- •|• ||• ||• •|| •|• ••|

Once you correctly follow these steps and make the tune, the puzzle will be solved. You must interact with the display machines several times to bring the exact notes. For example, press the first machine 4 times, the second machine 5 times, the third machine 4 times, the fourth machine 5 times, and the fifth machine twice to bring the exact notes.

That’s all you need to know about how to solve the Musical Nore Robot Puzzle in Planet of Lana.

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