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How to Get the Felwinter’s Lie in Destiny 2


The Season of Worthy is coming to an end and there is one final quest called ‘The Lie’. It is believed that when you complete the mission you obtain the reward – the legendary Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun. This is just the quest Destiny 2 players have been waiting for and would take a long time to complete. Until we complete the quest, we do not know for sure what the reward is. Bungie has a track record of surprising players. Nevertheless, the Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun seems like a logical reward.

The shotgun was a popular reward on the prequel Destiny. And if you want to add the weapon in your arsenal, read through our guide that takes you step-by-step on how to get the Felwinter’s Lie in Destiny 2.

What is Felwinter’s Lie in Destiny 2?

If you are a Destiny patron and have been playing the game since the first installment, the Felwinter’s Lie quest is all but familiar to you. It was one of the most powerful weapons introduced to players during the Iron Banner event. Since ‘The Lie’ has again made an appearance in Destiny 2, you should start working to add this legendary shotgun to your list of weapons.

Felwinter’s Lie Quest Steps in Destiny 2

Here are the steps you need to follow to obtain the Felwinter’s Lie by completing the ‘The Lie’ quest in Destiny 2. You have the end of Season of Worthy to complete the mission and obtain the reward.

Pick Up the Quest from Ana Bray on Mars

If you have not logged-into the game during the past few weeks, log-in and you will receive a message about the quest. If not, check the milestone. To start the mission, you have to visit Ana Bray, the vendor of Mars. She will inform you that the Warmind Rasputin has some information for you and would like you to complete a task.  

Accept Warmind Evaluation

Ana Bray will share a new mission with you and says Rasputin wants to see how Guardians work together and shares a public mission with events on the Moon, EDZ, and Io to complete Seraph Tower activities. However, if you are logging-in today, you do not have to go through this mission as the community has already accomplished it.   

Complete the Vostok Visited Quest

After you complete Warmind Evaluation, you are again required to see Ana Bray. She will inform you that Rasputin thinks you are special and would like to surrender some important information. To get the information, you have to go to Earth and Vostok.

Here is how you can go to Vostok and complete the Vostok Visited mission.

Go to the Director and select Earth from Destinations. You will be directed to a map, where you can see the new mission as a blue crown. Select A Warmind’s Secrets quest and it will take you to Vostok.

Once you reach Vostok, there is not much in the mission. No action whatsoever, you simply have to look around the map and scan three items for information. I will not ruin the play for you by revealing what you will uncover. However, it crucial for your progress in the Lie’s quest.

The first item on the map is pretty close. Once you reach the point deploy your Ghost , it will scan the broken war sat and reveal some information. After Eva finishes giving some info or even when she is delivering the information you can start searching for the second item. There are a total of three items on the map and they are pretty close to one another. Once you find all the three, you would have completed the Vostok Visited quest in Destiny 2.

Accomplish 1000 Shotgun Kills

Now the real grind of the quest, getting 1000 shotgun kills. There is nothing tricky about this mission. It’s as simple as it appears but can take a lot of time. The quickest way to complete this mission is to focus on Player versus Environment events that spawn a large number of enemies. But, you can also get the kills over the course of the game. You can choose any of the mission such as Whisper of the Worm or The Other Side. Both these missions have their limitations, but you can always repeat them and collect the kills.

Talk to Rasputin

After completing the 1000 shotgun kills, Rasputin wants to talk to you and requested you to go to Lunar Seraph Bunker.

Warmind Heuristics

This part of the quest was bugged but recently Bungies launched a hotfix and all issues are resolved. As the next part of the mission, you have to interact with Seraph Bunker door and this will start the new mission called “The Tyrant.”

The Tyrant is a simple mission where you follow some markers and indulge in Felwinter’s backstory, pass through certain vents and finally you will arrive at a sarcophagus. After you interact with the sarcophagus you obtain the Felwinter’s Lie.

The Lie quest ends on June 9, so make sure you complete the quest before that or it will no longer be accessible.    

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