How to Solve the Glass Door Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

How to Solve the Glass Door Puzzle in The Past Within Chapter 1

The Past Within is a game in the Rusty Lake series, except this time it is a new co-op experience. Players will need to get a friend to solve the puzzles with. The puzzles might be difficult for some, so if you are stuck on any of the puzzles, we have guides for you. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the glass door puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1. 

Glass Door Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 1

After completing the notch puzzle, you will get a key from the broken picture of Albert in the Coffin room on the side of the player who is playing Past. If you haven’t gotten there yet, we have a guide for you in the link below:

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You will need to use the key that you have just got. It opens the second drawer on the table, where you will find a face mask. You can put this on in front of the mirror. The room will begin to turn white with falling snow.

At the double doors on the Past screen, you will find different shapes on them like stained glass. Now, it’s Future player’s turn to find a key. Place the key under the circle on the right side of the fan in the machine, and insert it. You will be able to rotate the key and open a frame.

After communicating with each other, the two players will be able to find common shapes in the images that they see. The mask will help Future player to see the screen on Past’s device and they will be able to tell Past which objects they will need to click. The symbols will change as they click them, and you will need to repeat the process until you can see each other.

There are some papers that you need to compare next. Future player needs to turn to the left of the device and turn down the first two switches in the first row and the second switch in the second row to get the tape to come out.

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