How to Solve the Bone, Flesh, Blood Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

How to Solve the Bone, Flesh, Blood Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

The Past Within is a new co-op experience in the Rusty Lake series where players will need to get a friend to solve the puzzles with. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the Bone, Flesh, Blood puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1. 

Bone, Flesh, Blood Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 1

After you have pressed the Enter key on the device of Future, Past will need to get the code from Albert’s coat pocket. For the previous puzzle involving the glass door, you can check out the guide in the link below.

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Once you have entered the code from Past into Future’s screen, you will be shown three things which are Bone, Flesh and Blood. These are three puzzles which need to be solved.

Bone Puzzle Solution

On the back of Future’s machine, you will need to relay the flashing button to Past, who will be pulling the handle for the tool to open Albert’s mouth and see his teeth. The sequence of the flashing button will tell you which tooth you should pull.

Submit the tooth into the Bone section of the cupboard.

Flesh Puzzle Solution

Past player will need place all the candles they find in the room as well as the diary in the Flesh section of the cupboard. You need to light all the candles with the matchstick you have got previously and you will be able to get a key from one of them. Use it on the first drawer and you will get a diary that you need to place in the Flesh section.

You will get a screen, and Future will tell Past player to fill the blocks according to the photographs on their screen. The emotions will need to match. Here is the solution of which ones to fill out in order: 

  • Bottom Right
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Left
  • Top Right

You will get a scalpel, and need to cut off Albert’s right ear. Place the ear into the Flesh section.

Blood Puzzle Solution

On the right side of the Future device, you will have to enter a code. Past will find the code on the Blood section of the cupboard, which is 3XZY21. You will get a note which tells you that there is a message behind the tree.

There is a new code behind the tree which is X2Y13Z. This will go on with two more codes that are YX31Z2 and XZY312 in that order. Next, you will need to eat the soup for a gift which Past needs to pick up from the chair next to the box. Place it on the fire pit for a few seconds and then pour it into the plate on the table. Eat the soup with the spoon to find a green gem. Place it into the Blood section and find a bottle and cottle swab. Push it into Albert’s nostril for the Blood.

You will need to place the objects like this:

  • Blood in top left
  • Tooth in bottom left
  • Flesh in the right

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