How to Solve the Notch Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

How to Solve the Notch Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

Rusty Lake’s The Past Within is a game with a new co-op experience as this time, you will need a friend to solve the puzzles with. Rusty Lake games are essentially escape room puzzles with a creepy vibe and dark twists, perfect for horror lovers who love solving puzzles. If you are stuck on any of the puzzles, we have guides for you. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the notch puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1. 

Notch Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 1

The puzzles in The Past Within are all very intricate and need another person to help you solve them. Two players need to play the game as one will be Future and another will be Past. If you are looking for the solution of the previous puzzle, we have a guide for you in the link below.

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After completing the Painting puzzle and clicking on the box on the ground, the player playing Past will need Future’s help to open it. There are some symbols that Future knows on their screen which they need to relay to Past. Once it is done, the box will open and Past will get a lump of coal.

The Past player needs to use the coal in the fire pit of the room, after which they will get the notch puzzle. This is directly above the lit fire pit. Meanwhile, Future player will need to check the back of the device. It has the same pattern of the notch puzzle. 

Communicating with each other, you should have the following solution:

After solving the puzzle and matching with the notches, Future player will get a battery from the machine. Insert it into the right side of the device. Tell Past the time that is shown which is 17:15, and Past will change the clock there to 5:15. On the Coffin screen, Past will find a key behind the broken picture. 

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