How to Solve the Painting Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

How to Solve the Painting Puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1

Rusty Lake is back with a new game, and it’s called The Past Within. This time, you will need a friend to solve the puzzles with. It is basically an escape room puzzle with a creepy vibe and dark twists, perfect for horror lovers who love solving puzzles. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to solve the painting puzzle in The Past Within: Chapter 1. 

Painting Puzzle Solution in The Past Within: Chapter 1

You will need to play this game in co-op as one player will be Future and the other is Past. You can check out the last puzzle before the Painting Puzzle in the link below:

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After you have finished the Cubical Device Puzzle, you will get a matchbox on the Future side. You will need to pick up a Matchstick and use it on the left side of the device to turn it on. Once you have done so, four pictures will show up. 

Future player will need to discuss with the Past player, as they have the pictures on a wall of the room that they are in. Past will need to travel two times to the right side to see them. With the help of the paintings on the wall, you will be able to find the correct pattern of the pictures on the box on Future player’s side. 

Here is the correct sequence of images:

As you can see, at the Top you will have the Crow and Butterfly paintings, while at the Bottom you should have Tree and Albert & Rose. Click on the images to make them change into the correct ones. This will solve the Painting puzzle.

After placing the correct pictures, Future will tell Past to click on the box on the ground in order to begin the Notch Puzzle.

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