How to Reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

 How to Reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players will get to see several NPCs who sometimes give them quests, sometimes help them fight certain enemies, sometimes provide them with necessary items or locations. All in all, these NPCs help the players progress through the game. Players sometimes ignore those NPCs, but some NPCs are an integral part of the main story, and without interacting with them, players can’t progress further.

Ranni, the Witch, is an essential part of the story, and players need to visit her at Three Sisters Tower. This guide will help you know how to reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring.

Location of Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring – How to Reach?

Ranni, the Witch, is one of the most important NPCs of the game. Players need to travel long and fight with several enemies before they finally meet Ranni the Witch. The exact location is the Three Sisters Tower in Liurnia West. This guide will help you know how to reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring.

1. Go to Caria Manor

2. You have to defeat the spirit of Royal Knight Loretta. The fight will be challenging as the enemy will be on horseback and use both Glintstone Magic attacks and melee attacks.

3. Once you defeat the Knight, the Royal Moongazing Site of Grace will be opened.

4. Now, move towards the Three Sisters by going through the gate on the north side of Royal Moongazing Grounds.

5. You’ll see three towers there- Renna’s Rise, Ranni’s Rise, and Seluvis’s Rise. The first one is Ranni’s Rise. Once players interact with her, the Site of Grace will be unlocked.

That’s how you can reach Ranni’s Rise. If you are looking for Ranni’s Rise but haven’t yet found the location, check out our guide for help.

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