How to Play Diablo 2 Resurrected on Windows 7

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Windows 11 is on the verge of release, but there are still a large number of users who prefer Windows 7 and want to stick with it. While it’s all a personal preference it comes at a cost of losing out on new software and technology. One of them is DirectX 12. Diablo 2 Resurrected requires DirectX 12 to be played, which is available on Windows 10 and 11. So, if you are on Windows 7 you won’t be able to play the game. But, hold on, there is a way. Stick with the post and we will show you how to play Diablo 2 Resurrected on Windows 7.

Diablo 2 Resurrected – How to Play on Windows 7

Without DirectX 12, if you try to launch Diablo 2 Resurrected, it will crash on startup and you won’t be able to play the game. Here is the workaround to play Diablo 2 Resurrected on Windows 7.

  1. Go to Nuget and click on Download package (1.89MB).
  2. Once you have downloaded the .nupkg file, rename the file and add the .zip extension.
  3. Now, extract the file.
  4. Go to the extracted folder. Go to the bin folder > x64
  5. Locate and copy d3d12.dll and dxilconv7.dll
  6. Go to the install directory of the game and paste the files next to the .exe of the game.
  7. Download the from Github and extract the files next to the .exe of the game.
  8. Open a new text file and paste withdll /d:win10verhack64.dll game.exe (save the text file)
  9. Rename the text file with extension .bat (once you have renamed it abc.bat, you can run it as an executable)
  10. Run the text file you just renamed to .bat and the game should work.

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope you will be able to play the game on Windows 7 by following the above hacks. Note though, if your GPU does not support DirectX 12, the solutions will not work. Also, you need the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019. If it does not work, update the C++ Redistributable 2019.

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  • Hi, solution mentionned above doesn’t work for me. (Windows 7 64Bits, GTX 670M, I7 3610QM, 8GB RAM) I tried deactivated Intel graphic cards, use Nvidia Pannel to force the game to use NVIDIA graphics, try tutorial (and even renamed game.exe to D2R.exe in abc.bat). At best I have en error telling me win10verhack32.dll is missing (while we placed win10verhack64.dll instead). I have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 and check that DIrectX12 is supposed to be supported since GTX 400.
    I’m stuck. :/ Any help before I refund please ?

  • I have found out why D2 don’t start at Win7. Need to delete file C:\Users\[User Name]\Saved Games\Diablo II Resurrected\Settings.json
    After that settings will be discarded, but game will work.
    It’s work for my configuration (i7-4770K, GeForce GTX760, Win7x64), in case, if game is start but after screen “Press any key to continue” appears small window “Connecting to” and after that game is closed.
    I hope it helps for someone.

    • Unfortunately it don’t work anymore. I played some time, closed game and can’t load game again, it closes after window “Connecting to” (even if I delete folders C:\Users[User Name]\Documents\Diablo II\ and C:\Users[User Name]\Documents\Diablo II Resurrected).

      I can’t understand. I can run and play Diablo 2 Resurrected at Win7, but one time from dozens. I don’t see any dependencies. Game can run, but more often – it closes after screen “Press any key to continue” and small window “Connecting to”.

      Help me please. Any idea. I can send some files and provide some other help.

  • When I try tunning the hack through the .bay my command prompt says:
    withdll.exe: DetourCreateProcessWithDllEx failed: 2

    what am I doing wrong?

      • Hi Douglas, while the hack worked in beta, it seems it does not work anymore. On the flip side, a lot of users on Win 7 were able to launch the game without the hack. There are some solutions shared by users in the comments. Please go through them.

    • Ok I found the exact error and referenced line of code in Microsoft’s Detours source code.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I haven’t developed applications in years so am a bit rusty.)

      if (!DetourCreateProcessWithDllsA(szFullExe[0] ? szFullExe : NULL, szCommand,
      NULL, NULL, TRUE, dwFlags, NULL, NULL,
      &si, &pi, nDlls, rpszDllsOut, NULL)) {
      DWORD dwError = GetLastError();
      printf(“withdll.exe: DetourCreateProcessWithDllEx failed: %ld\n”, dwError);

      Source Code

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    • We would love to remove the mechanism and allow direct comment without moderation, but that will fill the comment section with spammers. And comments like yours which users must-read will be lost. We have already filtered over 50 spam comments on this post. I will request the admin to do something about it. Thanks!

  • Doesn’t work for me, did anything i could with these tools and didnt even got the game to launch. Getting the error message at the start. If you get this to work please inform us, thank you

    • I am having the same problem, I have tried everything in this thread and i continue to get the failed to initialize graphics error. I dont even have an integrated graphics card on my motherboard

  • Also, remember that the game works with those KB updates for me without any hacks. The hack gives me an error and doesnt work.

  • Alright folks, here’s the list of updates I did to run f1 2019 and Mafia remastered which originally didn´t work in win 7:








    You might want to search for all of them and install at your own leisure. Some of them as I remember are discontinued by microsoft and had to be found in software sites. I hope that helps out.

  • HELLO i make it works friends , first i download all the archives that this post said make all but i have this error win10verhack32.dll is missing so i search and no you dont need to execute the .bat you need this ….. disable the iGPU from the Device Manager so that the dedicated GPU is only available for the game, and upgrade you graphic card then you only run the game from and will run ¡¡¡¡¡

    • Andres, thank you to the sky! I was trying everything literally, it wasn’t working until i disabled integrated graphics card in Device Manager and then the game has started! I can’t explain how happy i am, i was already bored to the ground and getting ready to upgrade to windows 10.. Just to mention that the game loaded slowly, was lagging a bit at the beginning (cinematics also) but then (when i got to the game menu) i setup frame rate limit to be lower then default (which is over 250 i think, and i suggest to put 60 or 90), and lowered anti aliasing a bit (fxaa or smaa instead of taa) and then the game used less gpu% and was playing much smoother. Big thanx man, once again, and i hope it will work for the others as well! p.s. i have windows 7 ultimate 64bit and Nvidia GTX 1070Ti graphics card, 16gb ram, Intel core i-5… Cheers!!!!

  • Can someone who have D2R and Win7 check starting of game? I see that game is start but after screen “Press any key to continue” appears small window “Connecting to” and after that game is closed. Have you the same situation? Any idea how to fix it?

  • Any chance some pure soul will find the solution and share it to those who are in need?
    Cause these steps above does not work on final release game 🙁

    Game launches, can see 2 cinematics and music but then a black screen and some logo in the right bottom corner.

    • That’s what happened to me at first and I thought it didnt work, then I clicked over what seemed to be an invisible “ok” button for a prompt and the game loaded.

      The game is buggy and the cursor appears on those loading screens even when you’re in-game and get back to menu.

      Also, try waiting a little more with that blackscreen with the cursor and logo loading.

  • Any chance some pure soul will find the solution and share it to those who are in need?
    Cause these steps above does not work on final release game 🙁

    Game launches, can see 2 cinematics and music but then a black screen and some logo in the right bottom corner.

    Thank you!

    • Well , guys, for me it is working flawlessly and natively in win7, with no need for any cracks. Try deleting every foreign files from the folder and try running the game normally.

      Also, I’ve been able to run Mafia 1 Remastered in win7 months ago and I remember I did download some KB updates from microsoft site for that matter. The point is, this game works in win7, period, as it should. It is just a matter of making it run. Probably due to some of those required KB updates from microshiz. I’ll see if I can fetch that info and if I do, I’ll update here.

  • You need to run CMD inside a game folder (change a default location in cmd for with cd /d [disk letter]:\[gamefolder] then type a command: withdll.exe /d:win10verhack64.dll game.exe. If Your GPU are able to run it should run it.

    • Thanks, for the steps Michał.

      To add to that, if you want to open CMD in the game folder, go to the game folder > press Shift and right-click on the mouse > Choose Open PowerShell window here.
      Now, you can follow the above steps shared by Michał.

      • I downloaded VS2019, and after i use the cmd command i get error 216.RX 570 so dx12 should be ok. Damn…i really wanted to play diablo 2 with decent graphics.

  • Way better info, to bad my card does not support DX12 so I’m unable to play. I can’t belive how much Blizzard fuck this game up. No mods, no TCP/IP, no new ideas (arenas, guild houses like they say it will be on a RELEASE DATE of d2) like in Project Diablo mod. Anyway thanks for info and helping players play on win 7.

  • Can you guys please try it now after downloading the new Zip file. When you extract it should have two files. Extract it into the game folder and try to run your game.exe or the withdll.exe

  • Sorry, the first one does not work anymore since the latest patch with Open beta. We will update the post with direction to perform the second fix.

  • Comments aren’t appearing to be getting posted. We could use some clarity on the withdll portion, and the first option doesn’t work anymore since the patch. Across the thread most of this info is originally from and here, there are no explicit instructions on the withdll part. Help would be much appreciated

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