How to Move your Character in Songs of Conquest

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Lavapotion’s Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game with pixel graphics that is inspired by similar 90s classic video games. The game was released on 10th May with some experimental features, for the platforms of Microsoft Windows and OS X. With aspects of fantasy and kingdom management, the game allows players to delve into the world of four unique factions, and build their kingdoms in order to gain command over the land. This guide will take you through the process of how to move your character in Songs of Conquest. 

Character Movement in Songs of Conquest

When you begin Songs of Conquest, you will play as a Wielder, who is vital in the gameplay of strategy to take command over the other factions in the game. There is a tutorial in the game itself, which takes you through the steps of how to move your character.

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You can click the right mouse button to set a destination for your character. Click it twice to confirm the movement and you will be able to see your character follow your direction. The left mouse button can be used for selecting and inspecting the various items on your map.

There is a movement indicator on the top left corner of your screen where you will be able to see how many movement points you have left, which refreshes with every turn.

When your character has run out of movement points, you can end your turn by clicking on the checkmark button on the bottom right corner of your screen. This will be green if you have no more movement points, otherwise, it will be orange.

You can toggle your wielder movement range in the settings menu. To access this option, you will need to click on options on the main game page when you open Songs of Conquest. Under the Gameplay tab, scroll down about halfway until you see the option “Show wielder movement range”. You will be able to toggle it on or off here.

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