How to Complete The Song of Stoutheart Mission 1: A New Baroness in Songs of Conquest 

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The Song of Stoutheart is the first campaign that you will need to play in the game Songs of Conquest. The first part is more of a tutorial which takes you through the steps of how to move, collect items, and attack.

The Song of Stoutheart Mission 1: A New Baroness Guide in Songs of Conquest 

You will be playing the protagonist Cecelia Stoutheart who must stay alive in order to protect her people from enemies. Owing to the death of her father, she undertakes the responsibility of investigating missing resources of ore and hunt down the bandits.

You will be able to interact with anything on the map that lights up when you go near it. You can explore the area before moving on to the next one to get loot and troops for your army. While you have limited movement points, it seems that there are unlimited rounds that you can play the level for, and it doesn’t matter too much this early in the game.

Your troops are in the form of footmen and rangers for melee and ranged attacks which you can view on the top left corner of your screen. Once you come across the Corvus Reserves in the west, they will tip you off about some bandits that you can attack in the southeastern direction, and take back the gold mine which is an optional objective. 

For the battles, you can choose between a manual battle or a quick battle. As the troops are relatively low at your first battle, between 1 to 25, it is guaranteed to be an easy win. The next battle is further west, where you will come across some armed peasants, but nevertheless, it should be another easy battle.

The third battle will put you up against Bannerless Knights, where you can use boosts on the top left corner of your screen to build a protective shield around your footmen. Focus on getting the Knight down before they can deal massive damage to your troops.

The fourth battle is with Fae spirits, which are plenty in number, but you should have no problem with them after refilling your troops on the way there. You can place an offering at the Offering Tree which is an optional objective and requires you to shell out 1000 Gold. The next battle is with the Baryan Mercenaries which consists of only Spear wielders. Stick to high ground on the battlefield to make quick work of them. After entering, you can find survivors on the second building on the top left cliff to complete an optional objective.

The final battle is with Nimander Breeze, which might be a challenging battle. Take out the Rifle wielders first, and then the Musketeers to ensure the high-damage attackers are down.

Once you have completed the first Mission, a song will play for you—as the name of the game goes—signifying your victory.

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