How to Improve Morale and Prevent Routing in A Total War Saga: Troy

In A Total War Sage: Troy there are several mechanics you need to keep a constant watch on in order to deal the maximum damage and possibly win the war. While replenishing the troops is crucial, keeping their morale high and preventing routing is equally important. Morale is the representation of the confidence of your troops in you and your venture. There are various troops morale rating and you can see them in the troop details under the health bar.

Outside of battle, there is no troop morale. If the morale of the troops deteriorate below a certain point, they will start to route, which essentially means they will run away from the battle. Once the troops have started routing, there is little you can do to stop them unless you have additional troops nearby. Although the health of the soldiers decline slowly, their moral can fall relatively faster. Hence, you need to increase the morale of troops to recent routing.

Stick around with the post and we will show you how to increase or improve morale and prevent routing in A Total War Sage: Troy.

How to Stop Routing Soldiers in A Total War Saga: Troy

If for some reason, you either did not notice the status of the troop morale or just couldn’t prevent routing, there are certain things you can do to prevent the troops from fleeing. If the main character, your ‘Hero’ does something extraordinary or the other troop faction defeat an enemy unit, it can prevent the troops from routing. Once the troops have stopped routing, you can control them and bring them back to the fight, but it can take time for the routing troops to rejoin you in battle.

A Total War Saga: Troy | How to Improve Morale and Prevent Routing

Morale is a game mechanics that’s prevailed in all Total War games, so if you are familiar with the game, you know what it does. But, if you are new to the game, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

At this point, you should know that once you have left the battlefield, you are not able to check the morale of the troops and it does not have any impact on the game. The morale of the troop inside the battlefield is below the HP bar.

While in battle, the morale can change drastically, so always keep a watch on it. When the moral of the unit touches zero the unit will flee the battle.

You should also know that the moral for different units varies. Stronger units have better morale. However, improving the morale of troops is quite simple – keeping winning battles and ensure the units don’t take heavy damage. Here are the tips to improve morale and prevent routing in A Total War Sage: Troy.

  • Don’t allow the Hero to fall. When the main character or the Hero falls, it can rapidly deteriorate the morale of troops. With the fall of the Hero, the troops around him cripple.
  • Start the fight with a large number of troops. The more troops you have the better the morale will be.
  • Don’t scatter the troops and keep them together, picking off enemies one at a time.
  • Surprising the enemies with flanks and defeating enemies with a single move boosts the morale.
  • Using the Hero to perform heroic moves with his abilities can increases the morale of troops
  • Defeat enemy hero will deteriorate the opponent troop’s morale and boost yours.

Keep winning battles and you don’t have to worry about the soldiers morale and routing.  

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