How to Increase Province Happiness in A Total War Saga: Troy

A Total War Sage: Troy follows the storyline right from the history books or the movie Troy with Brad Pitt, if you recall it. In the game, province happiness is crucial. If you allow the happiness of the province to drop below a certain point, there will be an uprising and the possibility of losing the hard earned province becomes very real. Stick around and we will show you how to increase province happiness in A Total War Sage: Troy.

How to Improve Province Happiness in A Total War Saga: Troy

While playing the game, you should keep a constant watch on the happiness of the province, you can do this through the province Details menu in Happiness Details. Once you are in the menu, you can check a range of details about your province’s happiness such as if there is a revolt about to happen against you, the level of current happiness, the per turn changes to happiness, and factors that affect the happiness.

During the game, you will be visiting the Happiness Details menu quite often. Several factors contribute to the happiness of the province for good and for bad. If you find that the happiness of the province is deteriorating rapidly, you can pay attention to below positive and negative factors.

Positive Factors

  1. Spend time building structures that increase the happiness.
  2. Build plenty of Garrison units around the province.
  3. Play in lower difficulty – playing on high can quickly deteriorate the happiness of province.
  4. The main character or the hero should be garrisoned in the province for some time.

Negative Factors

  1. Increasing the taxes for the province dissatisfies the citizens and decreases the province happiness.
  2. If you are playing on a higher difficulty.
  3. Not doing the things that enhance happiness such as building happiness structures, garrisons, and the absence of the hero in the province leads to dissatisfaction.
  4. A faction conquered from another province can also lead to decreased happiness.

Ultimately, it’s the decisions you make in the game that adds or reduces the happiness of the province. Although, increasing the taxes can fill your resources, a ridiculous amount can quickly decrease the happiness. Whenever, you do not meet the expectations of the people in the province you there is a chance of rebellion due to reduced happiness.

However, this does not happen overnight and you have time to take measures to increases the happiness. There is also a simple way to increase the happiness in A Total War Sage: Troy i.e. praying to the gods, particularly Aphrodite. Other gods you can pray to maintain the happiness are Zeus and Ares.

That’s all we have in this guide, for more tips and tricks, check out the game category by clicking on the game link at the start of the post.