How to Replenish Troops in A Total War Saga: Troy

A Total War Saga: Troy is a reconstruct of an epic story – Troy. The game is set in the late Bronze Age. As in most battles, troop are bound to take the brunt of battle and get injured. Replenishment is similar to reviving or healing the troops and ensuring you have the number to continue the fight. Besides Happiness of province, Replenishment is probably the most important aspect of the game. Stick around and we will show you how to replenish troops in A Total War Saga: Troy.

A Total War Saga: Troy | Troop Replenishment Guide

Whenever you engage in a battle, there is always the likelihood that a number of your troops would have fallen. You can check the exact numbers and then proceed to replenish the troops through the Unit’s card. By check the HP, you can find about the troops that have taken a hit, but as long as you are in your own territory, you do not have to worry about Replenishment.

Replenishment of troops is only required when you are away from your own territory and you cannot return back after a fight. When in a friendly territory, the hit-points of the troops increase gradually.

So, if you cannot return back, you need to replenish the troops.

In order to Replenish Troops in A Total War Saga: Troy when you are in enemy territory you must have more than 50% of campaign movement points. If you have the points, change the stance of your general to encampment.

Before changing the stance, think it through because once your stance is set to encampment you cannot move and this can provide an advantage to the enemy. Ideally, you should only change your stance from active to encampment when you know for sure you are safe and no enemy will attack you while you are replenishing the troops.

If you have the option to fall back to a friendly territory or your own territory, do that otherwise wait for a safe moment before replenishing.

When it comes to the Replenishment of troops, there is another important aspect. If you are praying to the goddess Hera and manage to achieve the Worshipped’ status, she will reduce the time it takes to replenish troops by +10%. In tight situations, this can make all the difference. That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything about reviving troops in A Total War Sage: Troy. Check out our other guides and tips.