How to Hide Your Helmet in Outriders

How to Hide Your Helmet in Outriders

While the Helmet looks really cool in Outriders and there are varieties that you can acquire as part of the armor; however, sometimes you want to see the face of the Outrider that you spent hours building. Fortunately, the developers have taken a note of that and included a function that allows you to hide the helmet and play the game.

So, you must be wondering if having the helmet disappear will cause the associated protection to disappear as well. The answer is, your helmet basically becomes invisible, but it’s still there providing protection. Here is how to hide helmet in Outriders.

To enable the option to hide the helmet, you have to go to the Options Menu of outriders. From the menu, look for the settings in the Gameplay Tab that says Helmet. Choosing Off will disappear the helmet in the game. While the default on enables the helmet in the game.

There is nothing to it really. Anytime, you feel like you want the helmet back because you are tired of looking at the character or just because the helmet enhances the looks, go to the options menu and turn on the Helmet option.     

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