How to Heal in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is currently available in its early access, but players have jumped into the game to explore everything the game feature. Like other survival games, this game also takes players to a challenging world where survival is the biggest challenge. So, of course, you need to think about your injuries and how to heal yourself so, you can’t die. This guide will help you know how you can heal yourself in Sons of the Forest.

Best Ways to Heal in Sons of the Forest- How to Do?

Sons of the Forest is a hardcore survival horror game that takes players to an island where no one lives except for the Cannibals and humanoids. Of course, they won’t be your friends, so you must be aware of them and defeat them to survive and reach the climax. When you have to fight enemies at every step, players must be aware of their health, and whenever it gets low, you have to regain your health to survive.

The best way to heal yourself in Sons of the Forest is to take Meds. But the problem is that Meds are pretty rare in the game, and you can’t get them often. So, it will be better to use them properly and stock some for crucial situations. Meds can generally be found inside caves and boxes. So, search the caves properly, so you don’t miss meds.

Best Ways to Heal in Sons of the Forest- How to Do

Alternatively, you can heal yourself by eating food. There are lots of food sources in the game, from deer to Fish to the seagull, and everything revives your health. Fish are the easiest targets, though you can kill deer or seagulls to serve your purpose. If you have Fish Traps, use them to catch Fish; otherwise, use your axe or spear to catch Fish in any water body. You can even ask Kelvin to bring you Fish. Once you have Fish, make a fire with sticks and cook the Fish to eat and heal.

Another easy way to heal yourself in Sons of the Forest is to eat berries and mushrooms. They are common in the forest, and you can get plenty of them during your journey. Pluck them and eat. They also help you regain health.

Finally, sleeping heals your character in the game, but players need to build a Shelter to sleep. If you have made your character an initial shelter made with Tarp or a good one with wood, go inside and let your character sleep. It will heal him.

Best Ways to Heal in Sons of the Forest- How to Do

That’s all you need to know about how to heal in Sons of the Forest. If you are injured and almost out of health, try eating Fish or flesh to regain health faster.

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