How to Get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

Yellow Mushrooms are one of the few resources in the game that can be consumed raw for health, healing, and stamina. They are easy to come by given you look at the right places. They also respawn as the same place like Dandelion and other food items you can find in the game. So, one you find some in a spot, you can come to it again and again to get more of it. If you don’t know or are having a tough time finding Yellow Mushrooms, you need to visit the Forest and Swamp biome. Stick with the post and we will show you how to get Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim.

Where to Find Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim

To find the Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim, you need to find the dungeons in Black Forest and the Swamp biome. They can spawn in Troll Caves, Burial Chambers and the Swamp Crypts. If you are having difficulty finding the dungeons, there are some tell-tell sighs of them.

In the case of Burial Chambers, they mostly spawn in the Black Forest. If you start to see a lot of skeletons and you are away from the Stone Tower, it means there is a Burial Chamber nearby. The same goes for Troll Caves, these creatures don’t venture very far from their caves. If you encounter a Troll, it’s a sign there is cave nearby.

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The Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome also spawn the Yellow Mushrooms. To get into the Crypt, you require the Swamp Key, which can be obtained after defeating the second boss. So, to find Yellow Mushrooms in Valheim, you need to find the dungeons.

Once you come across a dungeon and the yellow Mushrooms, they respawn at the same spot, so you can come back to it again. Yellow Mushrooms are also used to make Mead base: Minor stamina and Mead base: Medium stamina. Their respawn rate is 240 minutes and can stack 50 of them. They provide 20 health, 20 stamina, and 1HP per tick.

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