How to Get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim

How to Get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim

Valheim like all survival games revolves around resources that you need to collect for various means of survival like food, offense, defence, remedies, etc. The Blue Mushroom is particularly interesting, but not the only mushroom in the game. There are other mushrooms like Yellow Mushrooms with a distinctive yellow glow that are found in the dungeons. However, the Blue Mushrooms have evaded players, that’s because it cannot be found in the game via normal means. To find the Blue Mushroom in Valheim, you have to rely on cheats via the console command. Stick with the post and we will show you how to get Blue Mushrooms in Valheim.

Valheim – How to Get Blue Mushrooms

To get the Blue Mushrooms, you need to enable the debug mode of the game, which can be done by pressing the F5 kay and typing “imacheater.” Now, type in “debugmode” and you will have access to the Creative Mode. The cheat for the Blue Mushroom is “MushroomBlue.” Enter that into the creative mode.

As the game is still on development, there is a chance that future expansions in the remaining 3 biomes of the game may have the Blue Mushrooms, but until then, you have to rely on cheats.

Just like the Yellow Mushrooms, the Blue Mushrooms can also be consumed for increased health and stamina. When the game expands there may be recipes available for the Blue Mushrooms, but at this stage of the game there is no implementation for the mushrooms.

The stats of the Blue Mushrooms are also not that impressive, so apart from a variety they don’t offer anything more than the Yellow Mushrooms.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for other recipes and super food in the game.

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