How to get the Harmonic Waves Emblem in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2’s new Season of the Deep is in full swing, and you can now claim new cosmetics, weapons, and banners. There is a new emblem making the rounds, and you can get your hands on it for a small price. The Harmonic Waves emblem is released in support of the AANHPI communities who face violence and discrimination globally. All proceeds will be sent to the ICHS and likewise organizations who aid the AANHPI group. If you wish to contribute, you can make a small donation and in return receive the emblem. In this guide, we will see how to get the Harmonic Waves emblem in Destiny 2.

How to get the Harmonic Waves Emblem in Destiny 2

To honor AANHPI Heritage Month, the Harmonic Waves emblem can be obtained for a small price. Here we will see how to get this emblem in Destiny 2.

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You can get the Harmonic Waves emblem in two ways; either by purchasing the Stand With Asians Collectible Pin set or by donating through the Bungie Foundation. The Collectible Pin can be purchased through the official Bungie store for both US and EU players for a small fee of 15$ or 17€. If you pre-order the Collectible Pin, the Harmonic Waves emblem will be included in the set. 

If you wish to just get the emblem only and not the pin, then making a 10$ donation through the Bungie Foundation website will help you get that. After you make the purchase, you can check your registered email for the steps to claim it. You should make sure that the email that you use to claim the emblem is the same email registered for your game account. If you check your in-game mail after following the steps, you can use the Harmonic Waves emblem in Destiny 2.

All proceeds made through June 30th, 2023, will be donated to the International Community Health Services (ICHS). After June, any donation received will be distributed to all other centers in support of the AANHPI community.

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