How To Get More Sponsors In Dirt 5

Sponsors are a critical aspect of the Dirt series mechanics and the latest installment is nothing different. As you start the game you progress with a single sponsor, but you can get more sponsors by progressing in the Career Mode of Dirt 5. For those who are just starting out the game, a sponsor is important because they provide money and reward which is required to progress. The better the sponsors the more money and reward you can get, you also have a better chance of progressing in the Career Mode faster. So, if you are wondering how to get more sponsors in Dirt 5 continue scrolling down.

How To Get More Sponsors In Dirt 5

You’ll need sponsors in Dirt 5 to travel the world, race new and modern vehicles and just be a part of the game. The game offers you 20 real-world brand as sponsors in Career Mode. Initially, when you start the game you will have Codemasters as your sponsor. Some of the other sponsors include Monster Energy, Sparco, Michelin, and Fatlace.

Every sponsor in the game brings their own unique rewards such as currency signing bonus, exclusive livery, and stickers. When you get a sponsor they will bring their own objective that you need to achieve in your Career. The reward to achieve the sponsor’s objective is increase in Reputation Rank.

Although the game lets you change your sponsor anytime you want in Career, it pays to be loyal to one sponsor and complete their objectives.

Yes! You can change or get more sponsors anytime you want but not at the start of the game. You will have to wait a while and participate in different events. Eventually, AJ will appear and inform you that you now have to option to choose from a bunch of sponsors. You could continue to promote Codemasters or choose any other sponsor.

When selecting a sponsor, pay attention to their objectives and rewards. As you progress with the game, you will unlock a lot of more sponsors. The previous installment of the game had hundreds of sponsors, we expect the same to repeat with Dirt 5. If you have played Dirt 4, you will recognize a vast majority of sponsors in this game as well.

In order to get more sponsors in Dirt 5, you will need to reach higher level in the game. Changing sponsors in Dirt 5 is simple from the Menu, but if you do it too often, it will harm your progress and reward with the current sponsor. We suggest you stick with one sponsor until a new sponsor is unlocked that’s too good to pass.

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