How to Get More Stamps in Dirt 5

You will require a lot of Stamps as your progress through the Career Mode in Dirt 5. Stamps are one of the rewards in the game that unlocks the main events required to level up and progress in the game. Getting Stamps is quite easy, but you need sufficient amounts of them to head to the next level in the game’s Career mode. Stick around and we will show you how to get more Stamps in Dirt 5.

How to Get More Stamps in Dirt 5

Dirt 5 has several modes including the career mode with 130 events that has players competing and winning races. As you win races, your rank will grow and you will achieve Stamps as reward. In order to get more or the most possible number of Stamps, you should complete the objective for each event. The objective varies and depends on the type of event you are partaking. You will earn one Stamp for each objective you complete in the event.

The objectives can be less challenging to difficult. However, it’s rare that you will come across the same objective in the event. The objectives keep on changing. Some examples of the objectives can be overtaking a certain number of drivers, drifting, maintaining a speed threshold for a few seconds, etc.

You can use the Dirt Dollars in the game to reroll the objectives that you don’t like or consider unachievable. Besides the above tips, you should obviously aim to rank the best in races and that would earn you more Stamps.

Earning Stamps is not that difficult, just enjoy the game, win races, complete objectives and you should have sufficient Stamps to progress in Dirt 5. That’s all we have in this guide, if you are having trouble with the game’s performance, check out our other guides.      

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