How to Get Headshots with Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Getting a headshot in Call of Duty Modern Warzone 2 can be easy or difficult depending on the situation and game mode. There are many challenges that require players to get a headshot with a specific weapon platform or even a specific weapon. This guide will help you find a favourable map or mode to get loads of headshots with a Marksman rifle in Warzone 2 for challenges.

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How to get a headshot with a marksman rifle in Warzone 2?

There are 8 Marksman rifles in the game with the addition of 2 new ones (Crossbow and Tempus Torrent). Here is the list of all 8 weapons: 

  1. EBR-14
  2. SP-R 208
  3. LM-S
  4. Lockwood MK2
  5. SA-B 50
  6. TAQ-M
  7. Tempus Torrent 
  8. Crossbow

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Before jumping into the match players should add certain attachments to their weapons: 

  1. Equip the mid-range scope like 4x would be very good for getting those headshots
  2. Equipping the right underbarrel and grip attachment can improve the accuracy of the weapon 

After equipping the marksman rifle with the right attachment, players now have a choice of mode which they wanna try on Warzone 2: 

  1. DMZ 
  2. Resurgence mode 
  3. Battle Royale 

From these 3, I would recommend players to play the DMZ for the challenge as there are many AI enemies in that mode who are very easy to kill in one headshot. So the best way to complete the new event Path of the Ronin and complete all its challenge to get the skins is DMZ. simply infil on any map and start killing enemies with Marksman Headshot. 

That’s all you need to know how to get the headshot with Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Warzone 2.0 and various other games.

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