How to Get Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Get Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Gear and artifacts are central to Minecraft Dungeons. The characters in the game are as powerful as their level, weapons, armor, and enchantments. And the Fox Armor is one of the most sought armor. The Fox Armor was created by ancient villagers who wanted to honor the fox as a formidable and wise warrior. Hence, they named the armor the Fox Armor.

As you jump in the game with the quest of defeating the evil boss the Arch Illager, this armor can be handy. Besides benefiting you, it’s useful to your allies as well. Hence, if you are playing with your mates, the armor can heal nearby allies.

With the Fox Armor, you get 39 health and a range of other health benefits:

  • 30% chance to avoid enemy attacks
  • 20% weapon damage boost aura

In this guide, we will share the exact location to find the Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Where to Find Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Although the armor is a random drop, there are certain locations where it’s a confirmed occurrence. Irrespective of your level, you can get this armor, so you can play the game at default and still get your hands on this item, unlike some other items like the Golem Kit, which requires you to play on Apocalypse difficulty. However, if you want to make the most of all the loot available in the gameplay it at Apocalypse.

Fox Armor Minecraft Dungeons

Some of the confirmed sightings of the Fox Armor is the Creeper Woods, Redstone Mines, and the Secret Cow Level. So, you have plenty of opportunity to get the armor, right at the start of the game with the Creeper Woods location, in the middle when you reach Redstone Mines, and during the final level – a secret mission the Moo Level or Cow Level or Diablo Tribute Level.

As with much of the unique items in the game, there is no certainty of getting a specified item in the drop. However, if you thoroughly play the game taking advantage of all drops, the Fox Armor will eventually appear.

There is another way you can get the Fox Armor – from the Blacksmith. Although to get it from the Blacksmith your level must be significantly high and would require more than 80 emeralds.

Fox Armor Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

The Fox Armor comes with a bunch on Enchantments that can produce magical effects and abilities for the wearer. Here are the Enchantments available for the Armor.

ProtectionIt provides protection by reducing the damage done by mobs
DeflectThis Enchantment has the capability to deflect enemy projectiles
Speed SynergyIncreases your speed by +20% for a few seconds when activated
Fire TrailWhen you roll, it leaves a trail of fire behind you causing damage to mobs for four seconds
SwiftfootedAgain, when you roll, you move faster for three seconds
Health SynergyYou regain small amount of health when you active any artifact
ChillingA blast of cold erupts from the armor that slows down enemies caught in the blast radius.
Potion BerriesWhen you use a healing potion, the attack damage reduces by -90% for few seconds.

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This concludes our guide on where to find the Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons. We hope you know everything you need to know to obtain the armour. Read our other guides for more secret locations and loot.