How to Get Flamental Ore in Valheim

How To Get Flamental Ore In Valheim

We knew that the Ashlands biome existed in the game, but were informed by reports that there’s nothing there. Well! Ashlands biome is found and it full or Surtling. For those who still do not know, Surtling are fire creatures can be killed when drowned in water or with weapon and drop coal and Surtling Core. So, if are looking to harvest Surtling Core, the Ashlands is a goldmine. Every biome in Valheim has its own unique metal and so does the Ashlands. It’s the Flamental Ore. Keep scrolling through the post and we will show you how to get Flamental Ore in Valheim and smelt it.

How to Get Flamental Ore in Valheim

To get Flamental Ore in Valheim, you will first have to find the Ashlands Biome. Set sail in the ocean and if luck favours you, you may stumble upon it. It’s basically a large island made from molten and cooled down lave. Once you are on the island, you will have to start battling Surtlings from the start. The island is filled with them.

Flamental Ore in Valheim Location

Keep exploring the island and you will see a red glow, when you approach, the number of Surtlings will suddenly triple. You will start to see them everywhere and grouped around one place. That’s where the Flamental Ore is located.

Flamental Ore in Valheim Far

It’s in hot crystalline form and you need to mine it using the Iron Pickaxe. Once you continue to mine, you will eventually get the new metal in Valheim. But as far as we know there is no recipe in the crafting menu for the resource. It will be added later in the game. But, by finding Flamental Ore in Valheim you will have a head start when its use and weapons crafted from it will be introduced.

Flamental Ore Valheim

To smelt the Ore into a usable form the Flamental Bar, you require the Blast furnace. To make the Blast Furnace, you require the Artisan Table, the recipe for which is obtained after defeating the Moder. So, that’s where you can find the Flamental Ore and smelt it into the Flamental Bar. Check out the game category for more tips and tricks to play Valheim.  

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