How to Get Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Crimson is one of the few unique hand cannons that effective in competitive PVP as well as for PVE experts. And the best thing, the hand cannon is in a better shape than ever before. It’s unique because it appears like a hand canon but does not fire like one. It also had a distinct sound which does not eco like other hand canons in Destiny 2. Crimson comes with several perks, but two are more noticeable – Banned Weapon and Cruel Remedy. Keep scrolling through the post and we will show you how to get Crimson in Destiny 2, its god roll and more.

How to Get Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Crimson has some impressive stats with Impact 92, Stability 82, Range 60, Reload Speed 64, Handling 50, and others. The magazine of the weapon reloads when you get precision kills. However, when paired with Banned Weapon and Cruel Remedy, Crimson becomes a lethal weapon. The Banned Weapon perk allows you to shoot three rounds at one go. While the Cruel Remedy brings health back with the kills.

Some of the weapons capabilities were nerfed in Shadowkeep, but with that being revered in Beyond Light, Crimson can rise to its former glory.

To get Crimson exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, you have to rely on your luck. Currently, the game does not have any quest that can reward you the weapon. Your best chance to get the hand cannon is from Xur or through Exotic engrams. You can obtain the exotic engrams in the game and also through the Season’s pass. Another possibility to get the exotic rewards if the Nightfall Ordeals.

Although Xur rarely brings something interesting. Every once in a while, he does have something interesting and it could be the Crimson. So, always keep a watch on what Xur is selling.

How to Get the Crimson Catalyst in Destiny 2

Unlike other weapons where you can get the catalyst for performing certain specific activities, there is no clear directive for Crimson. The best way to get the Crimson catalyst is to kill enemies in PVE events with it. You should try to farm the catalyst in events such as Shiro Chi, Blind Well, or Altars of Sorrow. Although upgrading the catalyst takes time and work, you should work towards it when you get it. You will need 300 precision kills with the weapon to get the masterwork.

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