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Fix Destiny 2 Error Code CAT

Fix Destiny 2 Error Code CAT

Destiny 2 has had a recent patch and players are excited about the update, especially because it promises to fix some of the impending issues with the game. But, as you launch the game, you may be met with the Destiny 2 Error Code CAT. You may assume that the update has messed up the game and introduced a new error. While the CAT error is rarely encountered in the game, it has existed since the original Destiny and has a very specific purpose. Keep reading as we help you fix the cat error in Destiny 2.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code CAT

You will see the Cat Error in Destiny 2 in a very specific circumstance when the game has gone down for maintenance and the server are back online. If you try to launch the game after an update, you will see the CAT error. It’s because of the conflict between the client and the server version of the game. In simple words, you need to update the game to fix the error.

Usually, the Steam client will auto-start the update or queue it for you to download. If you can’t see the update on the Steam client, it’s likely because you were running the client when the update was pushed. Reboot the Steam client and you should be able to see and download the update.

The Cat error can occur on any platform – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The fix for all the devices is the same i.e. to update the game.


Besides the above fix for the Steam client, if you use the Xbox PC app, you can find the update via My Collections > Manage Installs.


Open the Notifications menu and go to Downloads menu. You should be able to see the Destiny Update File icon. Click on it to begin the update.


From the Xbox Home menu, go to My Games and Apps. Select Update and find Destiny 2. Click on it to start the update.

If the above solution did not work and the game is already on the latest version or patch, it’s possible that the maintenance is still in progress and that’s why you are getting the error code. Wait for the maintenance to be over and you should be able to play the game after updating.       

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