How to Get Avalanche in Destiny 2

The Dawning event is currently going on in Destiny 2: Beyond Light and players can access a few weapons by participating in it. Glacioclasm and Avalanche are two exclusives in the list. While we covered Glacioclasm in a recent post, we will discuss how to get Avalanche – A 450 RPM Legendary Power Machine Gun with Adaptive Frame.

Avalanche Machine Gun might not be the strongest weapon in the game but you can keep it since a lot of Machine Guns are now shunned.

How to Get Avalanche in Destiny 2 | Weapons Stats

To get Avalanche Machine Gun, players need to get Legendary Dawning packages which they can get in return for handing out baked goods to vendors.

Players need to use their oven and try to bake as many cookies as they could and continue to hand out these cookies to vendors. In return, they will get gifts which will include Dawning weapons as well including Avalanche.

You can also complete the steps of the Dawning quest Eva to claim Dawning weapons however this method is not reliable.

Weapon Stats for Avalanche Machine Gun

Avalanche Machine Gun has strong Aim Assistance and good Recoil. But gamers see Hammerhead and Thermal Erosion as better alternatives to this. Players can avoid this weapon for boss fights.

·       Impact : 41

·       Range: 55

·       Stability: 46

·       Handling: 34

·       Reload Speed: 60

·       RPM: 450

·       Magazine: 57

·       Aim Assistance: 90

·       Inventory Size: 20

·       Zoom: 15

·       Recoil: 70

·       Bounce Intensity: 30

·       Bounce Direction: Tends Left

How to Get Avalanche in Destiny 2 | God Rolls

For PVE God Roll:

  • SLO – 12 Post: A Legendary SUROS projection Sight with short Zoom and increases Handling speed by +15.
  • Appended Mag: Increases Magazine size by +20.
  • Auto-Loading Holster: Will improve Reload speed.
  • Rampage: A Legendary trait that increases Damage Stacks 3x.

For PVP God Roll:

  • SPO – 57 Front: A Legendary SUROS projection Sight with medium Zoom and increases Range by +15.
  • High Caliber Rounds: Boosts Range.
  • Zen Moment or Swashbuckler – Adds Stability.
  • High Impact Reserves: Strong Damage Boost.

Note – After the annual Dawning event, which will end on Jan 5th you will not be able to farm for Dawning weapons so get them right away.

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