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How to Get Glacioclasm in Destiny 2 and Its God Roll

How to Get Glacioclasm in Destiny 2 and Its God Roll

Glacioclasm is a Legendary, Energy Fusion 860 rpm Rifle with a High Impact Frame which means slow firing and high damage. The rifle is more accurate when it’s stationary and aiming down sights. In short, it is good for sniping with the right roll.  Glacioclasm is part of the annual winter event for Destiny 2: Beyond Light – The Dawning.

And with the festive season going on, it’s the right time (and probably the only time) to claim the Dawning weapons.

How to Get Glacioclasm in Destiny 2 and Its God Roll

You can get this weapon by playing The Dawning event.

How to Get Glacioclasm

To get Glacioclasm you will need to first bake cookies in your holiday oven using whatever ingredients you have and then give them to vendors. In return people will then give you gifts. The more gifts you receive, the more chances you have of getting the Dawning weapons including the Glacioclasm.

You can also complete the steps of the Dawning quest Eva to claim Dawning weapons however this method is not reliable.

Weapon Stats for Glacioclasm Energy Fusion Rifle

Glacioclasm Energy Fusion Rifle has a heavy Impact, good Range and a great Recoil.

  • Impact – 95
  • Range – 67
  • Stability – 36
  • Handling –  40
  • Reload Speed – 24
  • Charge Time – 860
  • Magazine – 5
  • Aim Assistance – 55
  • Inventory Size – 26
  • Zoom – 16
  • Recoil – 78
  • Bounce Intensity – 22
  • Bounce Direction – Tends Right

Glacioclasm God Roll

There are a lot of God Roll traits on this weapon – You can go with the following for a strong overall modification.

For PVE God Roll

  • Quickscrew Rifling – will improve Range, Handling and Stability.
  • Enhanced Battery – increases Magazine size.
  • Under Pressure – improves both Stability and Accuracy.
  • Killing Wind – increases Mobility, improves Handling and weapon Range.
  • Swashbuckler – increased Damage and provides high Impact.

For PVP God Roll

  • Hammer Forged Rifling – increase your Rifle’s Range.
  • Projection Fuse – improves Range.
  • Slideshot – this will improve Stability and temporarily boosts Range.
  • High Impact Reserves – provides more damage with rounds at the end of the magazine.

Note – After the annual Dawning event, which will end on Jan 5th you will not be able to farm for Dawning weapons so get them right away.

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