How to Get a Galarian Meowth in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Antara B
Antara B

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have numerous Pokemon to get throughout the journey. Though the official count says there are 400 Pokemon in the game, the actual amount is definitely more, including the regional forms of the Pokemon. During this time, players have definitely collected lots of Pokemon to enrich their Pokedex, but there are some tricky Pokemon that players need some help to get. Galarian Meowth is one of those Pokemon. This guide will help you know how to get Galarian Meowth in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Galarian Meowth Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- How to Get?

Generally, Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet are found on the overworld in some specific locations. However, there are some Pokemon, like Galarian Meowth and its evolved form Perrserker, that can’t be found on the overworld, no matter how you try. This is because they never spawn in the outer world. Players can only get them through gift.

Galarian Meowth is a gift Pokemon that players can get from their Language Teacher, Salvatore. Of course, he will not give you the Pokemon randomly without any reason. You have to pass the exams and help him take care of the injured Pawmi to get the gift. So to begin the process, first go to the Academy and attend Salvatore’s classes. Then, appear for the examinations and pass them. After you pass the Final Exam, go find him and interact with him. You have to find him four times to interact with him. You’ll find him in different areas of the Academy, like Teacher’s Room, Biology Lab, and recreation area. This will increase your friendship level with him.

Galarian Meowth Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- How to Get

Next, during his storyline, he will get a Pawmi, whom you have to take care of with Salvatore. Then finally, tell him that he can keep it. These events and incidents will increase the friendship level between you two, and finally, he’ll give you Galarian Meowth as a gift when you meet him in the Teacher’s Room for the second and the last time. That’s the only way to get Galarian Meowth in Pomekon Scarlet and Violet. There’s no other alternative to get it.

Once you get a Galarian Meowth, you probably want to become Perrserker. To get Perrserker, players need to level up Galarian Meowth to level 28. At level 28, the evolution process automatically triggers. To evolve Galarian Meowth, no specific item or time is required.

That’s all you need to know about how to get  Galarian Meowth in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now, if you ask whether this Pokemon is worth the effort, it is tough to say because it depends on how you use it.

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