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How to Fix: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Stuck on Loading Screen

If you are a fan of the Disney game Dreamlight Valley, you may have come across the problem of the game getting stuck on the loading screen. This can be a frustrating problem, especially if you were looking forward to it. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to fix the Disney Dreamlight Valley stuck on the loading screen issue.

What is This Glitch and How to Fix it?

There are a few things that you can try to fix this problem. First, make sure that your device is updated to the latest software version. Second, try restarting the game. If neither of these things works, then you may need to delete the game and reinstall it. 

Check Server Status

You could verify if the servers are truly operational. Additionally, you may double-check this information by going to websites like downdetector.net.  There isn’t much you can do if the game servers are genuinely down other than wait for the developers to resolve the problem.

Check if everything is updated.

Check to see whether everything is up to date, including your OS, graphics drivers, and the game itself, if the preceding methods haven’t been able to resolve the problem for you. Because each update includes a set of hotfixes, we always advise keeping everything current.

Check Your Network Status

It is always a good idea to check if your own network is genuinely up and running when you are experiencing network-related problems. You may use third-party websites like speedtest.net or fast.com to assess the quality of your network connection. If you are experiencing intermittent network connectivity, we advise killing any unnecessary background processes that are using bandwidth. This will free up more bandwidth for the valley which may result in a better gaming experience. If your network is incredibly unreliable, we advise switching to a different network if it’s possible. Alternatively, you can try using a mobile hotspot to play the game temporarily while your connection is restored.

Clear the Cache

Temporary files and data are routinely stored on your PC to improve gameplay. This cached data might ultimately become corrupt, which could result in network issues, game freezes, or delayed or unsuccessful game loading.

An intelligent first step in resolving these issues is to clear the cache on your console or check the validity of the game cache on your PC. In more dire situations, it could be necessary to delete the game data that has been saved.

Launch the Game with Admin Privileges

Running games and related services in non-administrator mode might occasionally cause problems with how well the game runs. You may also try running the Steam client service with administrative rights to remedy this issue. To do this, simply locate the steam Exe file, right-click on it, and then choose the run as administrator option from the context menu. Then, open the game, as usual, to see whether the issue has been fixed.

Try Restarting Steam

You may be able to resolve this problem by restarting the Steam client service, however according to the affected users, terminating all processes connected to the Steam client service and social club is required to get the desired outcomes. Once everything has been shut down, you can try restarting the Steam client services and other necessary services before trying to launch the game again. There is a chance that this will resolve the issue. To access your task manager, press the hotkeys control+shift+escape. Under the processes tab, close all tasks that belong to Steam and the Social Club.

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