How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey

 How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey

A turn-based role-playing game, One Piece Odyssey lets players control Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates outside of combat. Each of the playable characters has a distinct skill that corresponds to their power, which is used to navigate, collect goods, and solve puzzles. As soon as an adversary is engaged in combat, the game switches to a battle screen, where the characters can be controlled via menus. There are many zones in the fighting system, which is based on the “Scramble Area Conflict” concept.

There is a Death Squirrel within the Lake Shore Cave, which is one of the first bosses you will encounter. Continue reading further to know how to defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey.


How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey?

During the quest for Death Squirrel, you will come to a place where Death Squirrel is stealthily stalking you. After the bridge collapses, you will end up in a large open area. There you will find Death Squirrel and more enemies.

To defeat the Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey, follow the below steps:

  • As a result, you need to choose your movements carefully as you can only use each character’s move or ability once. Following this, your character will swap, and you must choose the next character move.
  • As Luffy, you will now face the Bronze Bats. Attacking them with a punch will give you +26 TP. 
  • Now your character will switch to Robin and you will have to use the sword to defeat the Bronze Bats.
  • As Sanji, you will have to punch and kick the Eisa enemies.
  • Now Nami will use her sword to defeat the Death Squirrel. 
  • Once the eisa enemies and bronze bats are defeated, everyone will perform their attacks to defeat the Death Squirrel. 

It’s probably no secret that this game has a lot of characters, and players can switch between them at any time in the game. In battles and dungeons, you will need different characters at different times as you progress through the game. Because not every character is able to perform every task, you will need different characters at different times.

This concludes our guide on how to defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey. Keep up with our other guides to stay updated on the game.

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