How to Craft Frostner in Valheim

How To Craft Frostner In Valheim

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to weapon in Valheim. But, you have to be careful when choosing a weapon against a particular mob type. All weapons in the game have their strengths and weakness.  While Frostner is great against the undead, they deal minimal damage to the Yagluth. Similarly, blunt weapons made of Iron are effective against the final boss. As you explore the Mountain biome, you will have the chance to unlock the Frostner. However, some of its resources have to obtain beforehand while you are in the Dark Forest biome or you have to go back there. Stick with the post and we will tell you everything about how to craft Frostner in Valheim.

How to Make Frostner in Valheim

To craft Frostner in Valheim, you will have to unlock it in the Workbench menu by obtaining Ymir’s Flesh. The Ymir is an ancient creature that is not part of the game, so you cannot kill it to obtain its remains. However, the vendor named Haldor sells the item. You will have to locate the merchant in the Black Forest and purchase the item for 120 Gold Coins. Once you have the Ymir’s Flesh the recipe to make Frostner will be unlocked in the Workbench Menu.


The next step is pretty straightforward, gather all the resources required to make the frost hammer and craft it. The resources required to make the Frostner includes:

Freeze Glands are obtain as drop from Drake who scour the skies of the Mountain biome. They will attack you from the sky and can freeze you. You can kill them will arrows and after death they will drop the Freeze Gland and Drake trophy.

The Frostner is a powerful and a one-handed weapon and weighs 2.0. It has durability of 200, blunt of 35, frost of 40, sprint of 20, block power of 10, parry force of 30, and has a knockback of 120.

That’s all we have in this guide, but do check the game category for more helpful guides from bosses, mini-bosses, weapons and armor to resources and items.   

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