Valheim – How to Defeat Yagluth (Fifth Boss)

Valheim - How To Defeat Yagluth

As of Feb 2021, Yagluth is the final boss in the game, but more will be introduced as the games develop. As it’s been with the game, each biome has a boss. And there are quite a few other biomes that will have their own boss which will be added later to the game. Currently, the Yagluth is the final boss found in the plains. Defeating the boss will drop the Yagluth trophy and other items such as the Yagluth thing (a new material) and Yagluth’s placeholder item that are not yet added to the game. If you have reached this far, it’s basically the end of the game for you until the next update. So, stick with us and we will show you how to beat, kill, or defeat the Yagluth in Valheim.

How to Summon Yagluth in Valheim

Like all bosses in the game, before you defeat the Yagluth in Valheim, you need to summon it, which requires you to place 5 Fuling totems at the sacrificial altar in the Plains biome. You can get the Fuling totems by raiding Fuling structures or as a drop from Fuling Shaman.

Valheim - Offering bowl

To summon Yagluth in Valheim, take the Fuling Totems to alter in the plains. There are four giant stone pillars that can be used to identify the spot of the sacrificial alter. There are two stones with glowing red marks, one of them is used as the sacrificial stone. You can place the Fuling Totems at one of the stones and summon the boss. Once, he’s summoned the fight will begin.  

How to Beat Yagluth in Valheim

Yagluth is a very powerful boss with lethal fire projectile attacks. If you take more than a few hits, you will die. At the start of the fight, the boss fist will glow blue and he will slam on the ground creating explosion in a radius. If you find yourself in the circle, you will take damage. Watch for the glowing fist and identify the attack, run out of the circle. Ideally, you should be as far from the boss as possible.

In the second type of attack, it’s first will glow Red. When that happens, you should know that a succession of fireballs is going to come your way. We have seen at least five fire projectiles. So, when you see the first glow Red or Orange, take cover in one of the four stone pillars. Don’t go to the small stones as you still might take damage.

Valheim - Yagluth

The third type of attack that Yagluth uses is a beam of fire from its mouth. The beam of fire moves around slowly. Although, the attack can be seen and dodged, it has incredible range and if caught in it, you will die.

To defeat Yagluth in Valheim, you will have to dodge most, if not all the attacks. And equip yourself with Needle arrows and Iron bows. You should know that Yagluth takes very less damage from weapons made from Frost, Fire, and Poison. So, don’t use any weapon that uses those elements.

Valheim - fifth boss fight

For ranged attacks, your weapon of choice should be the Iron Sledgehammer, Maces, and other hammers. The boss is weak to blunt weapons, so you and your team should arm themselves with those weapons.

Ranged weapons are also useful against the skeletons that spawn. To kill Yagluth in Valheim, start with ranged attacks. If you are alone, melee attacks will be difficult. But, with a team, you can combine ranged and melee attacks. When the boss is busy with another member of the team, use the Iron Hammer. For solo players, the melee weapons can come handy against Lox and Deathsquito.

Now that you know how to beat Yagluth in Valheim, go to the fight prepared with good rest, health potions, and weapons made of Iron. Yagluth is a huge skeleton with only the upper half of its body, which is a good thing as without the bottom half, it’s slow. It basically drags it’s around.

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