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How to Combine Vanguard Season 4 Multiplayer Prestige Challenge for Efficiency

Vanguard Season 4 has plenty of new multiplayer prestige challenges, and some of them can be combined instead of doing all the challenges one by one. In this guide, we will see how to combine Multiplayer Prestige Challenges for efficiency in CoD Vanguard.

How to Combine Vanguard Season 4 Multiplayer Prestige Challenge for Efficiency

While it may be tempting to complete all the challenges as soon as they are unlocked, the best way to go about it is to wait once all the challenges are available, then go about your missions to complete several challenges in one go. Here we will see how to effectively combine multiplayer prestige challenges in CoD Vanguard Season 4.

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Below are all the challenges you can complete as a set to improve efficiency while playing the game.

Level 70 – Lit Way Up and Smoky Treat 

The challenge for Smoky Treats states to get 200 ADS kills with any Assault Rifle, while to complete Lit Way Up you have to get 200 kills with any Operator’s weapon of choice. You can combine an Operator and an Assault Rifle to complete the challenges. The combination of Operator to a weapon you can use is

  • Beatrice > AS44
  • Ronald > STG44
  • Solange > NZ-41
  • Francis > Cooper Carbine
  • Florence > Nikita AVT
  • Anna > KG M40

Level 90 – Wildcat and Lucky Catch

You can unlock the Wildcat challenge at level 50, but wait it out till you can unlock Lucky Catch as well. While Wildcat requires 100 bullet penetration with a UGM–8, Lucky Catch requires 50 penetration kills. So completing them both is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Level 100 – Better Run and Jacket.EXE

The Gracey Auto is the best area to use your Gung-Ho kills to kill 10 enemies. Using Automatic Tactical Sprint and Double Time Perk will help you with sprinting and using the Gung-Ho skill. After completing the 10 kills, switch to your preferred shotgun to take down 50 more targets at close range.

Level 130 – BRRRRRRR and Among the Weeds and Lit Way Up

The best combination to use to complete this challenge is to have Operator Carver Butcher, then switch the weapons up with an SMG, his favorite weapon, and the Marco 5. You need 250 kills with an SMG, 200 with the weapon of choice, and 200 with the Marco 5.

Below are some other challenges that can be combined with any other task, and can be completed effectively.

Challenge 60 – Full Betrayal

Destroy 30 Field Upgrades/ Equipment/ Enemy Killstreaks.

Challenge 110 – Doom Cloud

Take Down one Enemy using an Ammo Crate

Challenge 140 – Position Finder

Activate Dead Silence and achieve 5 kills 

Challenge 150 – Hell Above

Complete 75 kills using Killstreaks

Challenge 180 – Explosive Shift

Complete 10 Interceptions using a Trophy System

Challenge 190 – “[Unknown]” 

Complete 10 backstabs with a Push Dagger

Below are challenges that you can complete while simultaneously playing the game.

  • Rising Demon
  • Tasting Blood
  • You’re Next
  • Spring Loaded

That’s all there is to know about effectively combining challenges in CoD Vanguard season 4. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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