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Fix Call of Duty: Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea – Unable to Access Online Services

Fix Call of Duty Vanguard Unable to Access Online Services Reason Duhok-Rilea

Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea comes with the error message unable to access online services. There are several possible reasons why you may be seeing the error message. If this is the first time you are accessing the game and you get the error message, ensure that the Activation account is linked to your console or PC. But, apart from that, there are more serious problems that can lead to the error. If the issue is persistent and does not go away with a simple reboot, either your connection is to blame, or the fault may be with the servers.

Vanguard players have been reporting all sorts of issues with the game such as lag, packet burst, and whatnot. Since the game is still in beta and possibly not all servers are up, such issues may arise, but if everyone else can play the game and you get the error code Duhok-Rilea, it could mean a local problem. Keep reading and we will suggest all possible solutions to resolve the error.

How to Fix Call of Duty: Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea

Vanguard Error Duhok-Rilea is one of the first error codes that have emerged with the game and so far, it’s a good sign. The game seems pretty smooth except for a few error codes. We can’t say the same for MW, CW, or Warzone. Here are the solutions you can try to fix the problem.

  1. Ensure that your console or the blizzard client is linked to Activation. If not follow the link and link your account. If the account is unlinked, you won’t be able to connect to the server and may encounter the Vanguard Error: Disconnected from Server.
  2. Check the server status – the most likely cause of the issue may be the serves at time. So, it makes sense to check the servers before attempting any other troubleshooting. Besides the two links below, Twitter and Reddit are also great places to identify any issues with the server. Sometimes, there are issues with the server that’s not reported on the Activation website; hence, the alternate links come handy.
    1. Activation Website
    2. Downdetector
  3. Reboot the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC – Often times, the cause of the issue may be a simple glitch with the game that preventing your connection with the servers. If you can’t connect to the server due to the error code, a simple reboot of the game and the device should be able to resolve the problem.
  4. Power Cycle the Console – Power cycling is a great way to fix glitches with game on console. The objective here is to drain the console of all the power and reinitialize everything. It even works to clear unwanted cache. To power cycle, turn down the console normally, remove the power cords, now, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, re-plug the power cords, and start the console.
  5. Change the MTU Settings (PC and PS) – The MTU settings on both PC, PS4, and PS5 play a crucial role in determining the speed of the internet. It’s possible you do not have the right setting or value that’s causing speed problems with the game and hence, the Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea. We personally tried this trick with Cold War and it worked to resolve issues with connection to the server. Here are the steps you can follow for PS5.
    • Click on the Gear icon to go to Settings
    • Go to Network > Settings (While you are at the Settings, we suggest that you go to Connection Status and perform Test Internet Connection. A simple test often can resolve a bunch of connection issues.)
    • Select Set Up Internet Connection
    • Click on your registered network and choose Advanced Settings
    • Go down to MTU Settings and set it to Manual
    • Go to MTU and set the value to 1473
    • On PC, the MTU by default is 1500 which is ideal. Open command prompt and run the command netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface to check the MTU.
  6. Power Cycle the Router – The error may also be a result of bad cache on the router. You can follow the same process as above for console to power cycle the router. A better alternative to power cycling is to reset the router to factory mode. It should clear out any connection issues and the router will be as good as new. Look at the back of the router, there is a small hole that will allow you to reset the router.
  7. Reinstall the Game Completely – Finally, if none of the above steps worked, the issue may be with Vanguard files from the beta and the final version conflicting with one another. If you participated in the beta or the alpha, delete all the files associated with the game such as cache, save files, and update date before you install the game. If you have already installed the game, uninstall it, delete everything and perform a fresh install.

It goes without saying that if you are struggling with connection issues, it’s best to play the game on a wired connection. Wireless connections are prone to a lot of issues. This guide is a work-in-progress. We will update the post as new solutions emerge, but at the time, these are the best solutions for the Call of Duty: Vanguard Error Code Duhok-Rilea. 

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