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How Nahida Fits Into Hyperbloom in Genshin Impact Version 3.2


Nahida’s best teams are usually Hyperbloom comps and for good reason. In this article we’ll explore why that is and how you can best build a Nahida Hyperbloom team.

Nahida is one of the Archons so it goes without saying that she redefined the Dendro meta- even though there are still only a handful of Dendro characters. She shines in just about any Dendro comp and can even be played as a DPS if so desired but if asked what her best teams are- we can assure you that more often that not you’ll hear Hyperbloom. And there’s good reason for this. In this article we’ll elaborate what makes Nahida so good for Hyperbloom and how you can build her and her teammates for it.

Hyperbloom After Nahida in Genshin Impact 3.2

Nahida can apply powerful and consistent Dendro on enemies with her E skill to the point many players have rightfully noticed that her Dendro application is a bit too strong. But this isn’t a negative aspect- in fact it allows for more versatile teambuilding and that’s where Hyperbloom gets broken.

What Hyperbloom Was Before Nahida

Before Nahida was released, Hyperbloom comps used the Dendro Traveler as the main Dendro support unit for the team. But the Dendro Traveler’s Dendro application was weak- despite its consistency and thus it would be overpowered by Hydro’s naturally potent aura. 

This essentially meant that players had to apply Hydro to the enemies before they could use their Dendro Traveler’s burst or E skill for maximum Dendro Core creation. Otherwise the Dendro on enemies would be cleansed after only one Hydro application. By using your Hydro characters first you could ensure at least 2-3 Dendro Cores per enemy if you used your Dendro Traveler next.

While this is indeed nitpicky, if you wanted the best from your teams this is the basic rotation you had to follow. With the release of Nahida, this is an issue of the past- or at least one only limited to the Dendro Traveler now. Nahida’s strong and powerful Dendro application through her E allows you to build your teams and team rotations flexibly. 

Hyperbloom Teambuilding With Nahida

With Nahida in the team, players can now have double Hydro like: Yelan & Xinqiu, Ayato and Barbara or Kokomi and so on without worrying about the Hydro application overwhelming the Dendro on enemies. This just means countless more Bloom reactions which means more Dendro Cores for Hyperbloom.

Even if you instead decide on double Electro like: Yae Miko & Raiden, Keqing & Fischl or Kuki Shinobu, you can rest assured that you will also now have a reliable Quicken comp running on the side.

Since Nahida’s elemental burst gives increased duration with Hydro teammates and lower ICD with Electro teammates, you can rest assured that whatever Hyperbloom team you run you are getting increased duration and more reactions from her burst now.   

The fourth slot could be anyone- an Anemo grouper or buffer like Venti, Kazuha or Sucrose or even Zhongli for his rock-solid shield. Personally we’d recommend either Zhongli or either an Electro or Hydro teammate for the resonance and buffs. 

Ideally, if your team has trouble surviving and or take considerable damage from the Bloom explosions, Zhongli is the way to go due to his all Elemental RES shred, unbreakable shield and resistance to interruption. You can even go for healers like Barbara, Kokomi or Kuki Shinobu as they not only give elemental resonance to your team but also healing.

How to Build Hyperbloom Nahida and Her Teammates

For Nahida, the Deepwood Memories is her must-have artifact set. As for her weapons you can change them depending on whether you play her on-field as a Dendro applier or as an off-field support. For an on-field Hyperbloom Nahida you can give her the Thousand Floating Dreams, Mappa Mare or Widsith are great options. For an off-field Nahida Mappa Mare becomes useless but you can instead use Magic Guide as your F2P option.

As for her artifact stats, if you’re playing on-field Nahida, then you can be lenient about her EM requirements as she will automatically get bonus EM when her burst is active from the highest EM character in your party. An off-field Nahida is best built with triple EM- only her goblet can be changed for Dendro DMG bonus.

As for her teammates, you’ll want to give a triple EM Gilded Dreams set to your Electro character who will trigger Hyperbloom on the Dendro cores. Your Hydro character can be built leniently depending on their personal playstyle but a bit of EM is always preferable. CRIT stats are unnecessary for the most part as Bloom reactions and sub-reactions don’t crit. 

Nahida downright breaks Hyperbloom comps due to the immense amount of Blooms and Hyperblooms she can create due to her powerful and consistent Dendro application. The best Electro teammate automatically becomes a Gilded Dreams triple EM Raiden since she procs her E skill with every instance of enemies taking damage and since they have a considerable AoE they almost always trigger Hyperbloom.

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