How Long does it take to Beat Persona 3 Portable

 How Long does it take to Beat Persona 3 Portable

Atlus’ Persona 3 Portable (P3P) is a role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch in which the player controls a high school student attending Gekkoukan High School on Tatsumi Port Island.

Persona 3 Portable is the shortest version of the game available today, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less long. Read on to learn how long you can expect to spend with it.


How Long does it take to Beat Persona 3 Portable?

To complete the Persona 3 Portable game,

  • It will take around 65 hours to complete the main story and explore Tartarus.
  • It will take around 82 ½ hours to complete the main story and establish social links.
  • It will take around 125 hours to complete Persona 3 Portable 100%.

Persona 3 Portable alternates between real-world events and exploration of the Dark Hour. Those who wish to concentrate just on the main story and explore Tartarus will be able to complete it in about 65 hours. Without worrying about the side stories, you will be strong enough to fight the game’s bosses. Free time can be used to accomplish shorter tasks rather than the usual social links, so you won’t have to play through each day.

A lot of this length is due to the addition of social links for Persona 3 Portable. The inclusion of the female protagonist opened up a world of new social possibilities. To complete the tale and some social links, players should plan on spending 82 ½  hours if they want to find numerous social links and side material. This game’s real-world content centres on the social connections you make and the side stories the players tell that make up the world. 

You’ll need about 125 hours to complete Persona 3 Portable if you want to explore all it has to offer. Players must unlock all 22 social links and max out the three social stats. You must always make the most of your spare time and never waste it. Elizabeth’s Requests serve as side tasks as well as a large collection of Personas you can combine on your journey. 

This concludes our guide on how to long does it take to beat Persona 3 Portable. You can also keep up with our other guides for more updates.

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