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Halo Infinite ‘User is Banned’ Error – Players are Getting Banned for Game Crashing

Halo Infinite Crashes are Leading to Bans

In an unexpected but rumored move, 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have released the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta ahead of the game’s launch on Dec 8th. The beta will continue till the release of the game when it will launch together with the campaign. As with most betas, Halo Infinite also has a range of issues. One of them is more concerning as players are getting banned for no fault of their own.

When the game launched, the servers were a mess as hundreds of players got the error – problem with dedicated server. Since then, the servers have stabilized, but the crashing issue with the game is concerning. There is a range of causes due to which the game crashes. We have a pretty long guide on how to fix the crashing problem. But, the issue with the game is its banning players for abandoning the game when in fact the game crashed probably due to poor optimization of the game. So, players are getting banned for no stated duration for no fault of their own.

Thankfully, the bans are not prolonged for most players and do not last more than half an hour. The current ban in Halo Infinite can last from anywhere from 10 minutes to 16 hours. The first ban is a mere 5 minutes, the second is for 15 minutes, the third for 30 minutes, and so on. If you get banned the sixth time, the duration will be as long as 16 hours, and things can get more frustrating from thereon.

The error message when users get banned is the Halo Infinite User is banned. The only good thing about the bans is it does not last for long if your game crashed just a few times, but becomes unplayable if the issue is persistent.

While a variety of causes are leading to the crash. One that is the most common is due to a fault at the user end. If you have an outdated graphics card driver, that’s the most common reason for the game crashing. So, perform the update if you have not in a while.

The fix for the problem is to correct any underlying issues that may be causing the disconnect whether it’s due to network problems or the crashing problem. You can refer to our above guide if the game crashes. For some users, nothing they do may help as the game crashes. Your only hope is the devs are listening.

At the time of writing, there has been no news from the devs about the issue. We will keep an eye on the situation and update the post to reflect the changes.   

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  1. how about just apply the ban to ranked games, and leave causal mode alone.

  2. Yeah, I just got banned after the game keeps crashing repeatedly. I have verified my files and tried other methods but the game just keeps crashing and I get punished for it. It’s also kind of a joke to ban players for that when you have crash issues especially when not punishing afk that much…such a joke!

  3. How about its BETA and turn the fn bans off!!!! This is bullshit to banned for a problem on THEIR END with a bad optimized game. Bad optimization is expected in a beta but to get fn banned is ludicrous. The excuse of outdated drivers is bullshit as well, both Nvidia and AMD do great informing when new driver is available. Whoever made this decision and the non collision needs their ass whooped.

    1. Nah it needs to be there for people who none stop afk, troll and leave ranked matches but it needs to not say BANNED if u have a matchmaking SUBSPENTION

  4. I got banned yesterday at 7pm, it’s currently the next day at 3:30pm and i’m STILL banned for my game crashing. No idea how long this is supposed to be…

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