God of War Ragnarök

God of War Ragnarok: Where to Find Beast Scraps

God of War Ragnarok: Where to Find Beast Scraps

Gods of War Ragnarök is a third-person action-adventure game – that features an over-the-should free camera; cinematography for the game is like this because there are no camera cuts or loading screens. The gameplay resembles God of War (2018) and has more enemies of different types than before, but still, only one player can play at a time. Throughout the game players battle Norse Mythological foes; what sets this apart from other games though, was adding mini-bosses to give this game more variety.

A variety of beasts and creatures await you in God of War Ragnarok during your adventures. If you defeat them, you may be able to take the resources they drop back with you to make new weapons or improve old ones. For instance, if it’s an ancient relic – Beast Scraps make excellent upgrades.

In this guide, we’ll see where to find Beast Scraps in God of War Ragnarok.

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Where to Find Beast Scraps?

It is common to find Beast Scraps when you kill small creatures during exploration. For example, when you enter Svartalfheim, the land of the dwarves, you’ll see Wretches and Grims who are often willing to provide these treasures in red chests if they are spared. After combat is over, you’ll need to search the floor for them, but they won’t be hard to find among the fallen enemies.

When exploring Vanaheim, you can encounter any one of these creatures, even though there are many different types of them – beasts, Wyverns, Nightmares, and Wretches to name a few. Throughout the game world, you will encounter these beasts while completing Quests or Favours. Just be sure to check your map for their location before you embark on any adventure.


Beast Scraps function in God of War Ragnarok as a way to upgrade your companion’s accessories to tiers one and two. Much like the blade grips on your Leviathan Axe, these provide bonuses for your companions – which is helpful if you want Atreus at full strength. And while they won’t upgrade your blades of chaos or armor, using Beast Scraps will increase the amount of power behind what little equipment Atreus has access to.

This concludes our guide on where to find beast scraps in God of War Ragnarok. Check our other guides for more updates on the game. 

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