God of War Ragnarök

God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Trials Part 1 – The Crucible Favour Guide

God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Trials Part 1 - The Crucible Favour Guide

God of War Ragnarok offers players the Muspelheim Trials in the later stages of their adventure (Player Level 6-7) to test their skills and ferocity in battle. These are a set of tiered battles in Muspelheim’s own unique arena-like ecosystem which seem downright impossible to beat but they are possible and once you do- tons of valuable rewards await you. 

Here, every challenge is harder than the one before- so unless you are confident in your fighting abilities, we suggest you go train more before you attempt this one. Completing these challenges unlocks the Trials by Fire trophy which is also needed to complete the two Favors associated with these challenges, namely- The Crucible and The Final Challenges.

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God of War Ragnarok The Crucible Favour Guide

To first reach Muspelheim and begin these challenges, you’ll need to first find the 2 Muspelheim Seed Pieces by opening some Legendary Chests in Svartalfheim. Read on to find out their exact locations in Svartalfheim.

Step 1: Find the 2 Muspelheim Seed Pieces

This section will briefly detail the two locations of the Muspelheim Seed Pieces. Once you find the first seed, you will automatically begin The Crucible favour.

Muspelheim Seed Piece 1

At Modvitnir’s Rig in Svartalfheim, you will encounter your first Muspelheim Seed Piece inside a Legendary Chest in the area.

Muspelheim Seed Piece 2

The second missing half of Muspelheim Seed is in Svartalfheim’s Alberich Hollow- which can be accessed from Dragon Beach. Here, you will need the Draupnir Spear which you only obtain after completing Main Mission 10: Forging Destiny.

  1. Climb up using the gold chain on the side of Dragon Beach.
  2. Throw your Draupnir Spear at the wind coming out of the wall.
  3. You can now climb up and reach Alberich Hollow.
  4. Use the fire bomb dispenser to smash the golden ore covering the Legendary Chest.

And that’s it. This will give you the second half of Muspelheim’s Seed.

Step 2: Travel to The Muspelheim

With the full Muspelheim Seed now in possession, you can now travel to Muspelheim via the Mystic Gateway. Once there, you will find a tantalizing Nornir Chest in the middle of the arena but it’s locked. To unlock and open it, you’ll first need to complete all 6 of the Crucible Challenges.

Step 3: Complete the 6 Crucible Trials

There are 3 swords in the vicinity area and each of these has 2 challenges to offer the players. Each challenge rewards players with a Legendary Chest. At the end of all 6 challenges, you will have a full set of the Undying Pyres Armor Set along with some Divine Ashes.

To reach the first sword, head up the northern path for the first 2 challenges.

Trial 1 – Weapon Mastery

Weapons Needed: Leviathan Axe, Chaos Blades.

In this challenge, you have to kill 16 enemies within 180 seconds. All enemies will have shields- use your Leviathan Axe against Fire shields due to its Frost abilities and use your Chaos Blades against enemies with Frost shields due to its Fire abilities. 

Near the end of the battle, the arena will also spawn a Nokken that will heal remaining enemies so you’ll have to kill that first before finishing off the last few. 

Trial 2 – Flawless

Weapons Needed: Draupnir Spear or Leviathan Axe (Ranged weapons).

In this trial, you’ll need to defeat 15 enemies without taking any damage. Since most of these enemies will explode on death or will have ranged attacks, you can use either Draupnir Spear or Leviathan Axe to take them down at a range.

Near the end, you’ll also face a Gradungr who will constantly charge at you. Beware of these charge attacks- you can block or dodge them but we prefer dodging since you can then continue your ranged attacks. You can also rely on your companion’s abilities in this part of the battle.

After the first two challenges, head down the middle path for the challenges of the second sword.

Trial 3 – Ring Out Challenge

Weapons Needed: Draupnir Spear or Leviathan Axe.

In this trial, enemies will rapidly regenerate health and you’ll have to take out a total of 21 of them to complete the challenge. Thus the main method of killing them will be to use your environment to your advantage and knock the enemies into the lava pits. 

You will thus need ranged weapons that have skills that can knock back enemies. Once you position yourself and the enemy right, you can launch your skills to fling them into the lava. You can also aim at their legs or feet to knock them down for convenience.

As an example, you can use the R2 skills of the Leviathan Axe: Serpent’s Snare and Leviathan’s Fury.

Trial 4 – Feed the Rift

Weapons Needed: Anything works.

In this challenge, you will have to essentially kill enemies, collect their orbs and throw those orbs into the rift in the middle.

There will be a total of 2 waves:

  • 1st Wave: 60 seconds (6 points required).
  • 2nd Wave: 150 seconds (15 points required).

Regular enemies will drop orbs worth 1 point while larger enemies will drop orbs worth 2 points each. Do also remember to shoot arrows at the Wisps to make them vulnerable.

You can next head down the southern path for the final two challenges.

Trial 5 – Population Control

Weapons Needed: Anything Works.

In this challenge, you will have to kill the Bergsra without the enemy count going above 4. The Bergsra will spawn after you kill your first 4 enemies which are Grims. Once the Bergsra spawns, just focus on taking it out. If additional enemies spawn alongside the Bergsra (mostly Grims), you can take them out if they are nearby to keep the enemy count down.  Otherwise, there’s no need to go out of your way to pursue and hunt them down.

Trial 6 – King of the Hill

Weapons Needed: Draupnir Spear

In the final challenge, you will have to clear enemies out of the rings in 3 waves. In the first wave, you will only have to maintain one ring. The second wave will consecutively have 2 rings and the third wave will thus have 3 rings.

Ideally, you’ll want to use your Draupnir Spear’s long-range abilities to take out enemies in multiple rings while also taking care of the one you’re standing within. Each wave will also have increased durations. They are as follows:

  • 1st Wave: 1 Ring- 35 seconds approx.
  • 2nd Wave: 2 Rings- 60 seconds approx.
  • 3rd Wave: 3 Rings- 90 seconds approx.

Focus on the enemies inside the rings first and then go for the ones outside. You can even use your AoE Runic abilities in case there are multiple enemies within your ring.

After completing all 6 trials, you’ll finally complete “The Crucible” Favour. You can now return to the centre stage and open the locked Nornir Chest which will get you, among other things, a Chaos Flame.

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