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God of War Ragnarok Guide: Muspelheim Trials Part 2- The Final Challenges

God of War Ragnarok Guide Muspelheim Trials Part 2- The Final Challenges

God of War Ragnarok has been taking over the top charts since its release and is likely on its way to winning the Game of the Year. Many players are returning to the game after God of War (2018) and many are new players- and for the new players, some challenges can be difficult. The Mulpelheim Trials is one of those challenges that newer players might be having difficulty with. Earlier we published a guide to the first half of Muspelheim Challenges and in this one, we tackle the second.

God of War Ragnarok Guide: Muspelheim Trials Part 2 – The Final Challenges

The Final Challenges begin when you interact with the Central Sword in Muspelheim after you finish The Crucible favour and open the Nornir Chest. This also spawns a new third-tier challenge at each of the previous swords from The Crucible. Thus, in total, to clear the Muspelheim Trails you will be clearing 15 challenges- 

  • 6 Initial Trials from The Crucible favour.
  • 3 new 3rd-tier Trials at each of the previous swords.
  • 6 Final Challenges which require you to unlock them first by combinations of two trials from three of the previous sword challenges.  

The Final 6 Challenges will require players to do combinations of 2 challenges from the 3 different swords to unlock one Final Challenge at the central sword. There are a total of 6 combinations and thus each combination unlocks one of the six Final Challenges. 

These combinations are denoted by the central sword wherein it hints at the next combination by merging the Runic symbols from two of the three previous swords and players must complete the combination in that order. Below we’ve listed the 6 combinations and what challenges they correspondingly unlock:

  1. Endurance Challenge: Sword 1 + Sword 2 (FN)
  2. Boss Rush Challenge: Sword 3 + Sword 2 (RN)
  3. Shield Breaker Challenge: Sword 1 + Sword 3 (FR)
  4. Phantom Challenge: Sword 3 + Sword 1 (RF)
  5. Ring of Fire Challenge: Sword 2 + Sword 1 (NF)
  6. Onslaught Challenge: Sword 2 + Sword 3 (NR)

Thus, for example, if the central sword says FN then you have to complete a challenge at Sword 1 (F) first and then at Sword 2 (N) second to unlock the Endurance Challenge. Each of the 3 swords will also have one additional challenge so, for the most part, first, we complete these and then move on to the final challenges. Complete the challenges in the given order for maximum efficiency.

Rampage (F)

This challenge requires you to kill at least 20 enemies within 150 seconds. Most enemies will be of the mob class but a Troll and a Bergsra will spawn at two points in the battle and these can be ignored since only the numbers matter and not the difficulty of the opponents you’ve beaten. You can ignore the tougher enemies for weaker mobs and as long as you clear 20 enemies within those 150 seconds- you win.

Health Steal (N)

In the Health Steal trial at the second sword (N), you will take constant damage from the arena’s effects. This damage can be healed back by damaging enemies instead. You will need to beat a total of 22 enemies as fast as possible to keep your health bar from depleting. At the end of the trial, some Nokkens will also spawn that will heal surviving enemies on the field so be sure to kill them first when they spawn.

Since you’ve already completed a combination from the previous sword challenges- specifically F and N in that order, you have now unlocked the Endurance Challenge at the central sword. Complete this challenge before moving on to the third sword’s tier-3 challenge.

Endurance Challenge (FN)

In this challenge, you’ll just have to kill 99 enemies without dying. Most enemies are mob class and thus easy but sometimes elites will also spawn. This challenge, as its name suggests, is all about endurance and tenacity. Players will have to maintain concentration and health throughout the fight so we recommend using gear that have protective and healing abilities such as:

  • Nidavellir’s Finest or Raven Tears Armor Sets
  • Spartan Valour
  • Regenerating Essence Amulet Enchantments

This is one of the longest challenges but as long as the player has enough battle experience and considerable combat skills, this challenge is very much doable. Perseverance is the key.

After completing the first of the Final 6 Challenges, you can now return to the last sword- R to complete the last of the new 3rd-tier challenges.

Kill Fuse (R)

In this challenge, players will have to kill a total of 22 enemies and each enemy will increase the rundown timer. You start the trial with only 30 seconds on the clock. Each enemy kill gives you about 5-10 seconds depending on the enemy. We recommend going for the ranged and difficult enemies first and leave the mob Wretches alone for later when you’re in a pinch and quickly need some time.

After completing the 3 new challenges at each of the previous swords, you can simply repeat the fastest challenge in each of these swords in the given combinations to unlock the remaining 5 Final Challenges. The fastest challenge as per timer and difficulty in each of these swords are as follows:

  • Sword F: Weapon Mastery
  • Sword N: Feed the Rift
  • Sword R: Population Control

Boss Rush Challenge (RN)

In this challenge, you will have to kill a total of 5 elite enemies. These enemies are as follows:

  • Traveller
  • Fierce Stalker
  • Dark Elf Lord
  • Light Elf Warrior
  • Einherjar Brute

One of the effects of this arena is that you cannot heal by any other means and only by killing an enemy do you get the chance to recover health. 

Shield Breaker Challenge (FR)

In this trial, players will have to defeat regular enemies first before they can attack elite enemies. The elites in this round are as follows:

  • Einherjar Champion
  • Stalker

The regular enemies will be in groups of 3 or 4 at a time so deal with them quickly as soon as they spawn. 

Phantom Challenge (RF)

In this challenge, your enemy is a Flame Phantom. Follow these steps to beat it:

  1. Use ranged attacks to hit its core and increase its Stagger bar.
  2. Once the Flame Phantom is staggered, the 3 Purple Pillars in the arena will finally become vulnerable to attacks. Destroy the 3 Purple Pillars and ignore the mob enemies that will start to spawn in around this time.
  3. Once the pillars are destroyed, finish off the mob enemies and kill the Phantom when it spawns back.

Do not kill the phantom in one of the caves as you cannot charge at it and thus fail the challenge. If you can’t destroy the 3 pillars within the Phantom’s stagger duration, keep on repeating the same process of hitting its core first and then going for the pillars.

Ring of Fire Challenge (NF)

Here you will need to defeat 15 enemies while remaining within the circle. The circle is a safe zone and it will keep moving so be alert to keep moving alongside it while staying within its bounds. Stepping outside the ring will literally get you into hot lava- causing you constant damage. Sometimes, the circle will also lead you towards a posion totem which you have to look out for and freeze it before it hurts you.

Because of the restrictions on your character for this fight, we recommend using ranged weapons and attacks. Leviathan’s Axe is highly recommended as it not only has powerful ranged abilities but also the Frost element which you can use to freeze the poison totem.

Onslaught Challenge (NR)

This is designed as the last challenge of the Muspelheim Trials as players are thrust into a barrage of enemies for 300 seconds and they must survive all of it while taking down as many enemies as necessary. This challenge also features a Ring of Fire like the previous challenge so we recommend staying within the circle unless you have to collect health crystals that drop outside into the fiery floor.

Collecting health crystals is worth it as they help you heal way more than the damage you take over time by going out into the fiery floor. Just like the Endurance challenge, here too we advise players to equip their best healing and protective gear as you will need them.

With that we end the guide to part 2 of the Muspelheim Trials in God of War Ragnarok with all the 9 new challenges from The Final Challenges favour. Completing this also earns you the Fire Trophy.

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