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How to Beat Thor in God of War Ragnarok – First Thor Fight

How to Beat Thor in God of War Ragnarok – First Thor Fight

Thor is one of the most celebrated characters in the Norse mythology and fans have been craving for him in the God of War title. The previous title in 2018 only had mentions of the God. Fortunately, this time around with GOD Ragnarok, Thor is not just there, but you can fight and defeat him. If you are having trouble beating Thor, we will help you with that in this guide. We have covered everything you need to know about the fight from his attacks to how to counter them and initiate counterattack. Keep reading to know more.

How to Defeat Thor in First Fight in God of War Ragnarok

The fight with Thor starts soon after you disagree with Odin and he leaves Kratos house. The fight has three stages and Thor’s complete health regenerates at the start of each phase. So, it’s not an easy fight and quite long. However, once you know about his attacks, it’s quite easy to beat him.

GOW Ragnarok Thor fight 1

During the fight, if you want to use the Rage, use it early in the first phase of the fight and it should fill up again closer to the end of the fight. If you do not do that and use it in the second phase. You will only be able to use it once in the entire fight with Thor. And the rage does so much damage that it makes sense to get the most use from it.

Besides the above tip, here is everything you need to know to beat Thor in God of War Ragnarok.

All of Thor’s Attacks and Tips to Dodge and Counter-attack

Below, we have covered all the three stages of the fight with Thor with all his attack moves and how to counter them. At the start of each stage, Thor’s health regenerates.

Phase 1 Fight with Thor

In the first stage of the fight, Thor does not have his hammer and will rely on his fists. While the attacks are easy to read and dodge, they deal a lot of damage if you fail to interpret his moves. Half-way in the fight Kratos will recall his axe and you can use it from there.

Thro phase 1
  1. A clap that deals damage to anyone or anything facing Thor. This attack can be blocked and easily dodged. When you see Thor coming your way, dodge and move away. Get to his back as he is performing the move and attack.
  2. Rush and grab. This attack cannot be blocked with the shield and has the red circle before he is about to perform it. When he stretches his hand backwards and comes in a position to move forward; also, has the red circle, you know he is going to rush at you and try to grab you. Dodge and move immediately.
  3. If you dodge the above attack, Thor will go backwards and move really quickly. You should be ready as he will make another Grab attempt.
  4. Fist attack. In the first phase, Thor will also use fist attacks. Dodge them as much as possible and counter. If you see Yellow circle on the screen. You should initiate block, which will do additional damage and give you the opportunity of follow-up moves.
  5. Slam on the ground. This is an AOE attack and can deal a lot of damage. You know he is going to perform the move when he brings his first together and pulls it backwards. There is also a small red circle on his body. You absolutely want to avoid this attack. You will start seeing this attack after you have the Leviathan Axe back.

Phase 2 Fight with Thor

In the second phase of the fight, Thor retains some of the lethal moves from phase one such as hurl and grab, clap of the hands, and smash on the ground, which can deal a ton of damage.

  1. Hammer Throw or attack with Red Circle. Cannot be blocked and must be dodged. You know he is going to throw the hammer due to the red circle and that he pulls his hand back for the throw. If you are close, he will not throw the hammer and just swing it. It’s the same move for close combat and ranged. You have no choice but to dodge the attack and get away from him. If you are close enough, he will initiate consecutive hammer swings.
  2. Consecutive Hammer Swing. The first one cannot be blocked, but the second with the Yellow circle can be blocked and will provide a combo opportunity.

Phase 3 with Thor Fight

In the third phase of the fight, he will have all the damaging moves from both phase 1 and phase, and some very special moves.

thor stage 3
  1. Three times smash on the ground with hammer. This attack is quite easy to predict. When Thor does that, there will be circles in the arena and standing on any of the circles will deal a lot of damage. Even before he starts smashing the ground, red circles will appear on the ground, immediately move away if you are in one. If you find yourself close to Thor when he is smashing the ground, attack him and you won’t take damage.

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope it helped and if it did, check out our other guides on God of War Ragnarok.   

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